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Hudson's Net Promoter Score

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Throughout 2016, we surveyed our candidates and clients to ask them to rate us on how likely it would be for them to recommend us.

81% of people who rated us were very likely to recommend us.

(i.e. they gave us a score of 9 or 10).


What is a Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, measures customer experience, the perception of your brand and predicts business growth.


The NPS calculation

To calculate an NPS score, businesses use a scale measuring from 1-10, which determines how likely it is that you would recommend a company or brand to a friend or colleague. Ultimately, it gauges the loyalty of a customer’s relationship.

Net Promoter Score Range

Whatever your immediate or future talent needs, Hudson is ideally placed to support you.  Our distinctive combination of recruitment expertise and world-class tools and methodologies means that you have the right support to help you make better informed people decisions.

For more information about Net Promoter or to discuss your talent solutions needs with a consultant please contact the team following the link below.


Feedback from our Clients and Candidates

"I have used Hudson both as a candidate and as a recruiter and I've been very happy with the service I've received!"

Client - Legal Services


"Am genuinely grateful for the fast turnaround that Hudson gave me on my recruitment requirement. You have some excellent candidates on your books, and that shows that Hudson have the experience to understand a client's needs and ensure the right candidates are taken on. Thank you."

Client - Healthcare


"My consultant at Hudson positively challenges me in my thinking to get clarity on the roles against business requirements, all to ensure I get the best possible candidates. She always gives me a problem though (too many great candidates to choose from!). My consultant knows me and my expectations so knows which candidates would suit me and my style well."

Client - Retail


"I was really impressed with the service Hudson provides and how helpful, friendly and informative my consultant was. Communication was great and I felt reassured at each stage of the interview process. Massive thank you for all of their support."

Candidate - Marketing & Communications


"I have only good feedback - the enitre process from initial discussion through to offer stage was very well managed by my consultant. He kept me updated at all stages. He also provided excellent support pre interview by filling me in on the job specs and the what the required expectations are from the candidate. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the level of assistance and the professionalism shown by My consultant. Highly commendable. Thanks"

Candidate - IT


"The service I received from the staff at Hudson was second to none, I was made aware of everything that was going on around the application. I was also given exceptional advice ahead of the interview process that made me aware of exactly what would be expected of me at that point."

Candidate - Financial Services

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Hudson Global Resources Limited, registered office Chancery House, 53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QS. Registered in England and Wales No. 3206355