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Research consistently shows that the quality of an organisation’s people, and the way they work together are the biggest influencers driving success and performance.

Most organisation’s still recruit their staff based on basic techniques like CV’s, unstructured interviews and references.

A Hudson Assessment Centre will allow you to concentrate efforts where the likelihood of hiring the right fit is greatest, making for a more intelligent use of time and money. The term refers to the use of a range of assessment activities to obtain an objective, well-rounded evaluation of one or more candidates’ ability and motivation to perform in a role. Using an Assessment Centre also helps align company goals and values.

When to use an Assessent Centre

Most people believe that an assessment centre can only be applied to volume or large scale recruitment. It can also be relevant for when you’re recruiting for graduate or senior single roles.


How does it work?

A Hudson Assessment Centre uses behavioural and psychometric assessment tools that apply to every level of an organisation. Specific exercises might include:

  • group exercises
  • role-plays
  • leadership exercises
  • written exercises
  • technical / problem-solving exercises
  • aptitude tests
  • psychometric assessments
  • motivation / values-based questionnaires

Benefits at a glance

The following are just some of the benefits you gain from working with Hudson to run an assessment centre.

  • process large volumes of candidates quickly and efficiently
  • demonstrate a fair and equitable process
  • gain insight into candidate strengths and development requirements
  • select the candidate with the strongest capability and fit for the role
  • give candidates a realistic preview of the role and its required competencies
  • provide a flexible and highly objective approach to selecting candidates that can be customised to each organisation’s needs.


For more information on our assessment centre services contact the Talent Management team.

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