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How to answer the “Why should we hire you?” interview question

It may come in a variety of different guises – ranging from “What can you bring to the job?” to “What makes you different from other candidates?” – but the now routine “Why should we hire you?” interview question has become a favourite for many hiring managers.

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How to influence senior leaders

There’s nothing more frustrating than the feeling of not being heard. That’s why, when it comes to communicating with people in the C-suite, it can be soul-crushing when one of your well-thought-out ideas is shot down right in front of you without so much as an explanation.


Should you socialise with your employees?

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to build strong, genuine and well-meaning relationships with your employees – it’s pivotal for creating a positive work culture, plus it has a major impact on engagement and productivity levels.


How much does an HR professional earn?

The salary of an HR professional in the UK differs greatly depending on their role, level of experience, location and industry.


7 tips for becoming more confident at work

Some people naturally exude confidence. They know exactly who they are, what they want and what they’re doing – all the time. But for the rest of us, self-confidence is something that is gained slowly through experience, rather than something that’s inherited since birth.


Answering to multiple bosses

As organisations continue to replace traditional corporate hierarchies with flatter team structures, and as companies become increasingly global with operations taking place in different countries and time zones, there’s a sharp rise in the number of people who are reporting to not one, but multiple, bosses and senior stakeholders.


Embracing change: why tough situations build character

Make or break; sink or swim; flourish or fizzle. Use whatever saying you like - there’s no denying that tough situations build character.


Here’s what your CV really needs

Your CV may be your first point of contact with an organisation, so these little details are important, but bear in mind that the average employer or recruiter spends six seconds staring at your CV before making a decision.


How to manage stress at work

Stress is a natural part of life. Without it, we’d probably only be able to cross half the items off our to-do lists at the end of the day.


How much does a lawyer earn?

The salary of a qualified lawyer or solicitor can differ greatly depending on their level of experience, location, industry or role within the firm or organisation.


How to get back on your feet after being made redundant

Being made redundant is a bit like being dumped. In some cases it cripples you to your very core and leaves your sense of self-confidence in ruins. Other times, well, you’re back on Tinder swiping right before the sun goes down.


Do you have what it takes to work remotely?

Working remotely comes with a number of enticing perks. Less time with your head squished against the window of a crowded train, for starters.

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What to get out of your job before you quit

So, you’ve decided to quit your job. Congratulations - you could probably do with a drink! After all, taking the leap to leave your current job and dive into your next adventure is not always an easy step to make.

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6 job interview questions you should never be asked

Before you step foot into a job interview, it’s vital that you brace yourself for every sort of question imaginable - after all, the interviewer wants to see how well you perform under pressure.

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How to deal with a bad boss

Starting a job with a bad boss is a bit like moving into a haunted house – everything seems too good to be true until a poltergeist comes storming into your bedroom at two o’clock in the morning screaming bloody murder.

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The top 5 job interview fails you need to avoid

When it comes to finding advice for a job interview, the internet is bursting with unclear (and often contradictory) advice which can leave you feeling more stressed out than you were before.

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How to make the most of your job search on-the-go

In today’s increasingly hectic world, time truly is a luxury not many of us can afford. And while you may have previously promised yourself that you would set aside some time this week to apply for some new job opportunities, chances are that promise went straight out the window as soon as you stepped into the office.

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Should I ask about my salary at a job interview?

You really want the job, and you don’t want something trivial to blow your chances - like asking how much you’ll get paid. After all, it’s not about the money, it’s about the job, right?


How to ask for flexible working

In today’s new world of work environment, there’s a surge of working professionals demanding a more flexible approach to the traditional 9-5 working hours or to office-based working in general.

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4 ways to make yourself management material

Taking on a management position can come with a number of appealing perks: a higher salary, greater responsibility, the opportunity to add your own stamp on something truly exciting.

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6 hacks for job hunting in January

During the sluggish November and December months, landing a new job before the new year can feel near impossible. But rest assured - when it comes to finding a new job, January is officially hunting season.

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3 added benefits of short-term contract jobs

Summer is finally here, which means weekend getaways to the beach, copious amounts of ice cream, and the occasional spot of sun. And for hungry job seekers, it also means there’s a fresh new crop of short-term contract job opportunities on offer.



Interview Advice

Follow the links in our interview guide for tips on how to give yourself the best possible chance of success when interviewing for a new job.  

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CV Advice

Follow the links in our CV advice guide for ideas, templates and tips on how you might improve your CV.



LinkedIn Tips

Keeping your profile up-to-date and engaging your network is key to getting noticed on LinkedIn.

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20 CV Fixes

If you need to give your CV a quick lift here are 20 fixes you can make in as many minutes.

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Common CV mistakes

Before you send your CV forward for a job, check out these 8 common CV mistakes and make sure you avoid them.

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Make your life better

The average Brit drinks a staggering 836 cups of tea a year, which apparently, is enough to fill two bath tubs . Neat. Now everyone likes a nice cup of tea, so why does the office tea round often degenerate into picky office politics, Machiavellian allegiances and damn right bloody selfishness?

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Manage your net rep

Find out what the general public, and your future employer, can see about you online. Use these handy tips to manage your online reputation.

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Information about networking and why it can be crucial to building your career, opening doors, and increasing your chance of success.



Questions for Interviews

It's goood to have some questions prepeared to ask at the end of the interview, here are 7 examples you could use.



Interview Techniques

Ever heard of the S.T.A.R. technique? It's a method you can use to help you structure answers to competency based questions in an interview.

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