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Critical Change Management Vacancy Recruited Using Expert Consultation 

The Client

Due to a recent major merger between three key business units, a UK energy giant required a management information change manager to join its expanding senior management team.

The challenge

With the introduction of the aforementioned merger, the client’s three large business units were to ultimately form a single entity. This brought huge challenges to the organisation with the sheer amount of staff and processes that needed to be considered and amalgamated. With this in mind, the change manager’s position was newly created and it was to be a highly critical role which required certain specialist characteristics. These characteristics included experience of managing medium to large business teams, the ability to adapt within an ever changing environment and a history of continued development of management information strategies within a multi-site business.

Our solution

After unsuccessful attempts by the client to source candidates by advertising internally and externally, Hudson set up a consultative meeting with hiring managers to assist in the search. With such a diverse and rare skill set required, it was a challenge to pinpoint what the driving factor would be behind the successful candidate.

Through discussions between consultant and client, it was identified that the key challenge was sourcing a candidate whose sole focus was on management information, as it is the most common element of the role. With this brief, the Hudson consultant conducted a thorough search on its extensive database as well as advertising both online and offline however this was initially unsuccessful in sourcing a significant number of suitable profiles.

Hudson again met with the client to identify where the issue might be and Hudson’s advice was to broaden the sector. It was evident that strong candidates would not necessarily have to come from the energy sector. The emphasis was switched to key transferable skills, as accounting & finance and change management competencies were crucial for this particular role.

As a result of this change in approach, a large number of appropriate candidates from Hudson’s database were identified and matched very closely to the requirements.

One candidate identified, in particular, had vast experience in management information having worked as a branch network analytics manager in a bank for 11 years and had worked in partnership with staff in over 130 branches. He had also assisted senior management in policy making and had led continuous change tasks which demonstrated experience of handling critical projects. Despite coming from a different industry, his skill set was highly appropriate.


A number of successful interviews took place between client and candidate and, following some excellent references, the candidate was offered and accepted the role. The entire process took just two weeks and the successful candidate began the role a month later. This far exceeded the client’s expectations of the time required to fill the role, and it was able to embark on change projects much sooner than anticipated. Through the consultant providing an efficient solution for the management requirement in this situation, Hudson helped the client to achieve greater organisational performance.

Project Snapshot


  • UK energy giant


  • Management information change manager was required due to a merger where three large business units were to form a single entity
  • A highly critical role with specialist characteristics
  • The client had tried unsuccessfully to recruit the position directly themselves


  • Consultancy to identify full requirements and challenges for the recruitment of the position
  • Extensive attraction and identification techniques used to find candidates with the right, hard-to-find skillset


  • After interviews and references, the successful candidate was offered and accepted the role
  • The entire process took two weeks, with the candidate starting a month later, much sooner than the client's expectations

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