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Competency Scan Online

Double Your Chances of Hiring the Right Person

Effective screening tools, flexible and easy to use
Effective screening tools, flexible  
and easy to use

Anyone who has ever made a bad hire or worked with a bad hire knows that it really does take one apple to spoil the bunch. The wrong person in the wrong role can affect productivity, team morale and cause good employees to quit.

What can hiring managers do? Harvard Business School research shows that using a personality profiling tool, coupled with a structured interview, can double your chances of finding someone with the right competencies needed to succeed within your organisation.

That’s where Hudson’s Competency Scan Online (CSO) suite of tools can help. CSO is Hudson's state-of-the-art online testing platform which will optimise and increase the efficiency of your screening process. CSO is continuously updated with Hudson’s most recent tests and questionnaires – allowing you to objectively screen talent around the globe.

CSO offers a flexible design; it is easily adapted to your corporate brand style. Plus you’ll have access to the CSO professional help desk when you need support.

Our suite of online competency tools include:

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