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Applying scientific rigour to your talent strategy

What is it?

PULSE MINDSET™ is an online tool used for talent selection, assessment and development. It measures the mindset of an individual in terms of what motivates them and their preferred working styles, by looking at five core mindset categories. 

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A measure developed in partnership with digital leaders

PULSE MINDSET™ key points

PULSE MINDSET™ was designed at Hudson by business psychologists in partnership with leading experts in Digital Transformation. It utilises two proven Hudson psychometric assessments:

•    Preferred working style
•    Motivational drivers

The online tool produces a report revealing the make-up of an individual's mindset by highlighting the strengths and potential development areas in relation to the five core mindset categories. 

PULSE MINDSET™ can be used to determine if an individual has a mindset conducive to your particular team, organisation or change programme.


When to use it

If you’re looking to hire exceptional digital talent, understand more about the mindset of your existing team or measure the skills and competencies of your organisation, PULSE MINDSET™ will support your strategies for:

•    Selection
•    Development
•    Future leader fast tracking 
•    Promotion
•    Talent Pooling


What are the benefits?

Increased selection assurance

It will help you understand better the motivations and drivers of your shortlisted candidates.

Tailored development

It will assist you with identifying areas for individual development.

Improved retention

Drive key employee retention initiatives based upon a better understanding of the individuals involved.

More effective change management

By identifying and measuring the mindset your organisation needs in its leaders and managers, you can more effectively manage the change process.

Would you like to find out more?

You can contact our team using the form to request more information.

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