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What is mindset?

Why is it important to your digital talent strategy?

Mindset is an attitude, disposition or a tendency. It’s an approach that an individual adopts in response to or in the face of tasks, challenges and opportunities. 

A person’s mindset can influence almost every aspect of their working life.

Watch the video to hear what some senior digital leaders have been saying about mindset.

As organisations embark upon their digital transformation journey one thing becomes clear: success will very much depend upon the ability of the organisation and its people to embrace change, often rapidly.

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Mindset not skillset is the key to success in a change environment

In an increasingly digital and disruptive world the concept of ‘talent’ is changing.

Rather than a focus on skillsets outlined in inflated CVs,
the emphasis is upon:

  • A person's approach to and belief about achieving goals and results
  • Attitudes, inclinations and preferences in their approach to work
  • Their response to criticism, failure and learning
  • How they work with others and their reaction to others' successes


Imagine being able to measure mindset

Imagine what it might mean if you could measure the mindset of your leaders, your people, and yourself.
Hudson’s unique PULSE MINDSET™ does exactly that.

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