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Why the traditional recruitment model needs to change

Earlier this year we updated our strapline to “Great people. Great performance”. Not an earth-shattering or news worthy move in itself but one that reflects our genuine belief that it is the quality of your people that will directly impact your organisation’s performance.

The challenge for many organisations, however, lies in defining what “great” really means.

The reality is that we are living through transformational times. Brexit uncertainty, a multi-generational workforce and the need to adapt to the on-demand economy are all having an impact on how many organisations build and implement their talent strategies.

Many organisations have adopted different ways of working: matrix management and agile working for example. While others are challenging what it means to be a leader: more emphasis on collaboration and “followership” being key themes.

In the context of this change, the traditional definitions of a “great employee” or “great leader” are being challenged. And with that the traditional model adopted by those that support organisations implement their talent strategies; organisations like Hudson.

It’s my firm belief that the traditional recruitment model is both outdated and inappropriate for the new world of work. That’s why we have been transforming Hudson to better meet your needs.


Providing better assurance around the recruitment process.

Let’s face it, the traditional approach to talent recruitment is a bit of a lottery. You’re clear about the skills you need and what you want your new recruit to focus on. Your decision process will no doubt be based upon a CV review and a series of face-to-face meetings with stakeholders. It’s a tried and tested formula but one that is fraught with risk, not least the potential for unconscious bias and the uncertainty of how the new recruit will behave in the workplace; sometimes referred to as “cultural fit”.

That’s why we have taken the step to fully integrate our extensive range of psychometric assessments, Pulse, into our core recruitment offer. Our aim? To help you better understand the drivers, motivations and preferred working practices of your potential new recruit and to provide you with a more objective view.

All of which should help you mitigate the risk of making a poor hiring decision and help ensure retention. Find out more about Pulse here.


A unique, scientific mindset measurement tool.

Aligned to our Pulse suite of psychometrics, we have invested in building what we believe to be the world’s very first scientific measurement of mindset. Prompted by clients who told us that they are struggling to find and retain the right talent with the right mindset, PULSE MINDSET™ is designed to help you better understand the suitability of potential recruits and existing employees to operate in a more collaborative environment where agile working and matrix management are the norm.

PULSE MINDSET™ is helping organisations recruit on an entirely different dimension. Find out more why you need to consider mindset as an integral part of your talent strategy here.


Adapting to a new world where the lines between functions are becoming increasingly blurred.

As organisations adapt and transform to meet the needs of the on-demand economy or simply begin adapting to embrace digital technology, many are seeing the erosion of boundaries between traditional functions.

The best example of this is the way in which an emphasis on digital is leading to multifunctional teams of technology and marketing professionals. An environment where developers, data scientists and digital marketers collaborate closely to drive change, often through fluid team structures and agile working.

To more closely reflect these changes, we at Hudson have restructured our technology, data analytics and marketing recruitment teams into a single, integrated client-facing unit with full access to our psychometric tools and PULSE MINDSET™. All designed to help you find, recruit and retain the most appropriate talent for wherever you are on your digital journey.

Find out more about our new structure here.


Creating a true talent solutions business partner.

Far too many recruitment business are narrow in their focus. They concentrate on helping organisations meet a short-term need for talent.

What they don’t do is see your talent strategy in the round and for the longer term. Concepts of high potential assessment and development, leadership coaching and succession planning are alien to them. At Hudson we have invested in building a true talent solutions offering that not only focuses on talent assessment, selection and acquisition but is also able to support you in the implementation of your wider talent strategy around retention, development and succession.

Our end-to-end specialist talent solutions cover the following:

  • Outsourced solutions: supporting organisations who want to outsource their recruitment function or augment their workforce for a specific project
  • Specialist selection: specialist recruitment services across a range of professional disciplines
  • Executive search & selection: bespoke services for business critical and leadership hires
  • Assessment & selection: tailored services to support you in managing an effective selection process for recruitment, promotion or development
  • Development, coaching & training: helping you develop and retain great teams and leaders.

You can find out more about how we can support your wider talent strategy here.


The time for change is ripe.

The changes we have been making to Hudson are all designed to change the recruitment landscape and create a new sort of talent solutions business. One that is more closely aligned to the issues that matter most to our clients. One that is more appropriate for the new world of work. And one that is focused on a holistic view of your talent strategy. If you would like me to explain these changes in person, contact me here.

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Peter Istead
Peter Istead

On 28 November 2016 by Peter Istead

Peter is the Managing Director of Recruitment for Hudson in the UK

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