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How to unlock transformation by measuring the modern mindset

NCC Group's Ian Patterson offers his views...

Digital Transformation is considered a must-have leadership focus for any organisation today.

For those who have already started out on the journey, you’ll know that digital isn’t just about consumer-driven innovation. It’s about everything from cost reduction to relationships with loyal customers.

I remember in 2015 I joined NCC Group to help evolve an already successful Business and Technology Transformation offering, into an end-to-end Digital Transformation consulting practice. At that time we were looking for a solution to assess the capability of teams.

At NCC Group we help organisations achieve a digital advantage and balance Internet-era risk, in a world where mobile computing, IoT, robotics, and automation are now commonplace. However, the missing link was often around people, specifically – how do you assess the capability of individuals and teams in preparation for transformation?

Among the tools in the market, I was most struck by Hudson’s PULSE MINDSET™ tool.

Now for so long, mindset was the missing consideration for organisational transformation.

But PULSE MINDSET™ allowed us to explore new areas of culture, collaborative working and capability in order to achieve a sustainable evolution.

It let us ask: what’s the makeup of these new modern entrepreneurial mindsets everyone is interested in? How effectively can our people collaborate? How can we motivate certain mindsets? How can we create the right environment to keep them happy?

These essential elements are keys to help unlock a digital transformation, by providing enhanced ways of measuring team synergy and propensity for success.

But there was one aspect of PULSE MINDSET™ in particular that stood out from the rest.

This was the rigorous, scientific approach. It left me feeling reassured that the development of these measures were grounded in well-established psychological foundations.

From my experience, if an organisation is embarking on any form of Digital Transformation, they will have to accept that it represents both profound opportunity and a new generation of risk. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or a mid-size firm. Team and talent challenges may be different, but the level of assurance you need is just the same.

To allay those concerns and mitigate that risk, it’s important to factor mindset into your measurements. You need something that offers a real back stop to those questions and concerns, ensuring we can accurately gauge how successful digital transformation will be for the many different organisations we work with.

I believe that measuring mindset is an important tool for navigating any transformational journey, especially if the measures are rooted in a solid scientific approach, and not left to gut feeling!


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Ian Patterson
Ian Patterson

On 13 February 2017 by Ian Patterson

Ian Patterson is Digital Transformation Consultant for NCC Group.

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