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Mindset over Skillset

Do you know what skills you need now, and for the future?

In today’s world of work, the traditional career path as we know it, is fast becoming obsolete. 

Many professionals are staring at a future of six careers in one lifetime, one where team lines are blurred and functions merged to create a new breed of professional…one that can do everything. 

To support your company’s ambitious growth programmes the spotlight has to turn firmly to your talent strategy. 

But should your business be looking for a particular type of skillset or talent to guide them through the disruptive era of digital transformation?

What would you value most in your leaders. Having the right mindset or skillset?

Skillset is obviously important. It can be trained or taught. And you want to ensure  that the person you are considering has the right training and talent necessary to perform the job you are looking for them to do. 

But mindset is a different animal. 

Having the right mindset for the ‘new normal’ economic environment requires individuals to display a very different set of attributes in their leadership qualities. Innovative thinking, the ability to adapt, and  failing fast and recovering from a setback. Essentially dealing with the unknown and moving outside of the traditional boundaries of the role. 

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