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Electronic Assessment Simulation Exercise (EASE)

Make the MOST Objective Decisions about Your Future Leaders with EASE

The current economic situation and continuing talent shortages mean that now, more than ever, you need to make the right decisions about the professionals who will lead your organisation into the future.

In response, Hudson’s R&D team developed the Electronic Assessment Simulation Exercise (EASE) tool – this first-of-its-kind interactive executive assessment tool to detect, manage and develop the potential and competencies of their future leaders. Based on scientific research and Artificial Intelligence technology, EASE provides “real-life,” advanced-level business exercises to gauge the competency levels, decision making skills, and planning and organisational abilities of current and potential top talent in your organisation.

Benefits you’ll experience with EASE:

EASE is Fast – Exercises can be completed within just two hours - a significant reduction in time investment when compared with the traditional routes of measuring ability, motivation and competencies.

EASE is Easy to Use – EASE is a fully automated, interactive leadership assessment that provides the user with comprehensive, easy-to-understand results.

EASE Measures More – EASE measures abilities and motivational drivers to benchmark leadership potential.

EASE Challenges – Through its interactive nature, EASE is targeted to an advanced level. Coupled with this, its user-friendly interface and professional context challenge participants to perform.

EASE is Objective – Ease’s Artificial Intelligence eliminates human bias – making robust, reliable and objective predictions about your current and future leaders in management and expert positions.

Would you like EASE to identify your firm’s rising stars? Contact us today to find out more.

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