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How Pulse Works

What is Pulse?

Hudson’s Pulse is an online platform that integrates various psychometric assessments, uniquely, into one pulse report.  The Pulse report provides valuable insight into fundamental capability when making talent decisions for recruitment shortlisting, competency profiling or benchmarking performance. This enables you to deliver a time-efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution.

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A Flexible Talent Tool

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Why Pulse?

This online platform helps deliver a consistent, transparent, objective and fair recruitment process and adds further insight regarding talent management decisions.

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How Pulse Works

Hudson’s Pulse platform integrates various psychometric assessments to deliver a time-efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution, while still providing valuable insight into fundamental capability to make informed talent decisions.

The details of the assessments come together in one easy to understand Pulse report that will outline things like how the candidate prefers to work, what drives and motivates them, and their cognitive ability.

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Pulse Reports

Hudson’s Pulse automatically combines all assessment results into one, easy to read report.

Results are reported against competencies, helping you to understand how preferences, motivational drivers and ability can translate into work-related behaviours.

  • Selection: for HR and Hiring Managers and includes tailored competency-based interview questions
  • Development: candidate feedback report, including tips on how to build capability
  • Coaching: for Line Managers and provides targeted on-boarding advice and how to grow areas of potential
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