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Hudson recruits quickly and successfully for a progressive HR team

The Challenge

An HR specialist, based in Sweden and reporting to the director of HR EMEA at Advent, had resigned. This created the opportunity to establish and relocate a more senior level of role, an HR business generalist, based out of the London office. The director felt this would enable the human resource function to provide a higher service level across all HR matters throughout the EMEA. The search for the most suitable candidate needed to be on a highly confidential basis initially as the current HR specialist was still in situ.

The Solution

To reach a wide candidate pool attracting top talent whilst not compromising confidentiality was a challenge. Hudson recommended Advent use an unbranded advertising package to assist with sourcing the right person for the role. To further bolster this, Hudson was engaged on a retained basis by its client to support the assignment; comprising of a thorough database search, filtering and meeting advert responses and also proactively headhunting individuals working for the client’s competitors.

Following this, short listed candidates met multiple individuals and stakeholders within Advent. Then, after meeting with the candidates, the director of HR selected the top two individuals to progress through the process. To further ensure their suitability for the role, they underwent Hudson’s Business Attitude Questionnaire (BAQ) – a tool that assesses different dimensions of personality to help predict how a person will behave in a professional work environment.

The Result

Hudson filtered through and reviewed nearly 100 advert responses to identify and select high calibre candidates who met the requirements of the role specification. The consultant then narrowed this down and met with 19 individuals who were good potential fits for the role, sourced from a mix of all the previously outlined avenues.

Hudson then short listed seven outstanding individuals – all of whom the director of HR was confident had the right skill set and experience. This was then further narrowed down to four individuals, divided into the top two, and another two who were strong potential fits should one of the other two not be successful at the final stage. However, one of the leading candidates was offered the role and they accepted.

Throughout the process, Hudson met all deadlines. The consultant communicated with the director of HR regularly to ensure she understood the candidates’ thoughts on the role and vice versa – ultimately meaning there were no surprises for either party. Expectations were managed at both ends and this led to a successful process and placement.


“Hudson has done an excellent job in the hiring process, both at a qualifying process level and in terms of speed. We’d be happy to use Hudson again."

Director of HR EMEA, Advent

Project Snapshot



  • The resignation of an HR specialist created an opportunity to recruit a more senior level replacement
  • The search and replacement had to be kept confidential as the current HR specialist was still in situ


  • Hudson recommended Advent use an advertising package to attract talent, then we dealt with the response and screening
  • Alongside this Hudson carried out a thorough database search, and proactively headhunted individuals


  • Hudson filtered and reviewed nearly 100 advert responses, narrowing this down and meeting 19 potential fits
  • Hudson short listed seven outstanding individuals, with the client narrowing these down to four
  • The top two were put through the final stage and one candidate was offered and accepted the role
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