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4 reasons you should start a blog to further your career

Blogging is just for amateur bakers and aspiring novelists, right?

Well, it doesn't have to be! The truth is, blogging could be just the thing to give your CV and your career the boost it needs – whatever your field, sector or qualifications. 

Here are four good reasons you should think about starting one...

1. You can build your personal brand

We know everyone keeps going on about personal brand – but they do it for a reason. 

Into sports? Love travelling? Got an interesting hobby? Let the world know about! The personal profile section of your CV isn't going to cover everything about you, but your blog can help paint a much more vivid picture.

Similarly, if you want potential employers to know you're in tune with current affairs or someone who keeps up-to-date with the industry they work in, blogging is an ideal way to demonstrate that – it just depends on what you want to blog about.

2. You get to reach a brand new audience

Your network of personal connections on LinkedIn may be extensive, but it will be mostly limited to LinkedIn only. 

After all, how many more people at your company are worth connecting with if you haven't already?

Entering a new network of bloggers meanwhile, or even just people who might be interested in what you have to say, is a brand new list of potential professional connections just waiting to be explored. 

3. You get to explore a whole new skillset!

Ever thought about adding basic web HTML, Photoshop or proof-reading to your skills base? 

If you spend enough time blogging, there's a near-enough endless list of skills you'll eventually pick up on the fly – from navigating basic content management systems to sharpening your editing skills. 

You never know when they might come in handy, or even which employer will look at your CV and be impressed by your extra skills. 

4. It'll sharpen your writing and communication!

Blogging (well, good blogging) is about communicating and exploring your ideas and interests clearly, effectively and in a personable, authoritative way – it's about getting your voice heard. 

It doesn't matter what your job is, getting your voice heard is a truly invaluable skill – whether you're pitching to a client or just trying to suggest your new idea in the Monday morning meeting. 

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