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5 nervous habits that will damage your career

We all have bad habits at work – whether we realise it or not.

And while some are ultimately harmless, others can seriously hurt your career in the long-term.  

Here are 5 nervous habits that could be damaging your career...

1. Saying yes to everything

We know you're just trying to be helpful.

But the phrase "managing expectations" isn't a euphemism for not doing your work, it's a valuable skill in the workplace. 

By all means do your best to help. But only when it isn't detrimental to your wider objectives.

2. Too much multitasking 

We know sometimes it feels as if you've got it all to do and not enough hours in the day to do it. 

But trying to do too much at once, whether it's talking to someone on the phone while typing an email, or working with 20 internet browser tabs open at once, just won't help you be more productive. 

3. Always saying "I'm sorry"

We know it's a particularly British thing to say sorry almost instinctively, regardless of whether we've done anything wrong or not.

But you can't make a habit of blindly accepting blame – you'll ultimately be seen as a submissive type who never stands up for themselves.

4. Skipping lunch

This is similar to the problem of taking all your work home with you. 

The fact is, you need regular rests at work – powering through an entire day without taking time to relax, eat and recharge your batteries is no way to stay productive!

5. Not making your voice heard

Don't deliberately try to stamp your authority on every single group email or meeting. But at the same time, don't always let others dictate the state of play.

If you never pipe up for fear of causing disputes, people will eventually assume you have nothing to say on any topic.

Learn how to be more productive at work.

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