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6 hacks for job hunting in January

6 hacks for job hunting in January

During the sluggish November and December months, landing a new job before the new year can feel near impossible. But rest assured - when it comes to finding a new job, January is officially hunting season.

With the winter holiday period now done and dusted, employers are now back in the office and ready to hire. While the number of job opportunities on the market is growing by the day, remember: millions of other job seekers have the same “new year, new job” resolution.

So, if you’re searching for a new job in January and want to gain a competitive edge, here are six tips to aid in your job hunt:

1) Keep your eyes on the prize.

You’ve updated your CV and you’ve pulled together a rough template for a cover letter – but now comes the tricky part. Applying for jobs!

When it comes to job hunting, it’s easy to start by applying for each and every job under the sun - but it’s important to be honest with yourself about the type of job you actually want.

A job you’re only somewhat interested is going to develop into a job you’re only somewhat happy in, which in turn will impact your engagement, performance and success in the role.

Instead, try finding jobs at companies you’re passionate about. Prepare a list of companies that align with your own personality, interests and skills. For instance, do you want to work for a small start-up with a casual workplace culture, or a high-profile conglomerate with global opportunity?

This way, once you start applying for jobs you’ll have a much better idea of the type of companies you want to work for and why.

2) Be quick on the draw.

While there are plenty of job opportunities on offer this time of year, it is extremely competitive and, generally speaking, the applicants that apply first get the first calls.

So, if a job pops up that you like the sound of, don’t put it off and let the opportunity pass you by. Apply now!

A good way to get informed of new opportunities as soon as they come out is by signing up to job alerts. With Hudson’s job alerts feature, you can customise your notifications by your location, job type, sector and salary.

3) Practice makes perfect.

Don’t put interview preparation off until the night before the interview – start preparing for interview-based questions now.

A good starting point is to brush up on a broad range of interview questions, from the old favourites such as “Tell me about yourself” through to the more obscure “What’s your favourite Disney character?” And don’t forget to prepare for competency-based interview questions too.

It’s also worth putting some time aside to perfect your elevator pitch – a short and snappy summary of your experience, skills and career ambitions that will impress interviewers in a matter of seconds.

4) Lower your stress levels.

Finding the right job is unpredictable at best. Some people may land an exciting new position at a great company within a matter of days, while for others, it can take months on end. But remember, the length of time you spend searching doesn’t necessarily reflect your appeal to employers. It’s all about timing!

Manage your own expectations and keep yourself focused on the bigger picture by establishing goals, such as applying for X number of jobs per day/week, or attending X number of networking events per month.

5) Manage your social presence.

Sure, your CV and cover letter are the bread and butter of your job search, but many recruiters will try to find your LinkedIn profile before picking up the phone, so make sure your LinkedIn account is up to date. A professional photo, your work experience, a strong headline and some recommendations will be sure to sway any recruiter who is on the fence.

6) Be interview ready.

At some companies, the interview process can spread out over a series of weeks or months, while other organisations might want to meet you first thing tomorrow. Don’t leave this up to chance – get interview ready now.

Prepare your interview outfit, get in touch with your references, practice your interview questions and get accustomed to talking to yourself in the mirror. These small steps will help you to feel confident and well-equipped come interview day.

Be properly prepared: take a look at our Interview Advice guide.

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