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3 great digital alternatives to your paper CV

The CV might not be dead just yet, but it's definitely time we start to think about the alternatives.

After all, how ready can you really be for the digital transformation, when all you have is a paper CV and cover letter? 

Here are three great digital alternatives you should try...


If you already have work available to view on the web, VisualCV is a great way to pull a scattered digital portfolio into one place.

VisualCV have plenty of styles and formats to choose from, and you can even add your own performance charts, videos and presentations. 

You can publish it online and download it as a PDF - handy for printing out for an interview at short notice.

Best of all though? Thanks to their analytics tools, you can even keep an eye on downloads, CV views and even email open rates! 

Video CV

Now this might sound a bit too wacky to ever come off as professional, but done right, a video CV could be just the thing to help you stand out from the crowd.

Does a certain job require presentation skills? What better way to demonstrate how great you are for the job than with an actual video? 

There's plenty of ways you could create yours. It doesn't have to be packed with fiddly animations, it can just be you in front of a camera being professional, confident and friendly. 

Many jobseekers may struggle to convince on paper, but dazzle once they get into the interview room. A video CV could be just the thing to get your foot in that door.

Your LinkedIn profile

It seems obvious, but you shouldn't underestimate just how important your LinkedIn profile can be. Your profile has all the regular features of a paper CV, but with some extra key features. 

Potential employers can see your contacts, your endorsements and your groups. They can see your most recent career updates, access your portfolio, and even get some insight into your personal interests. Why not showcase all that? 

Just make sure you keep it up-to-date, keep it professional and keep it about you! 

Learn how to become a LinkedIn guru

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