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5 online tools that'll make you a cover letter writing machine!

It’s probably rare you’ll be in the mood to write your cover letter. But sometimes it's just something you have to do!

How long should it be? What do I mention, what do I leave out? How do I make myself sound intelligent, but not too full of myself? It can be tough to get your head round everything. 

Luckily, we've made a list of handy online tools that'll turn you into a cover letter machine!

1. The Hemingway App

Like any good piece of writing, what you take out is just as important as what you put in. 

The Hemingway app, designed with Ernest Hemingway's iconic lean, athletic writing style in mind, flags things like overly lengthy sentences, passive voice and overuse of adjectives. 

It makes your writing sound dynamic, punchy and engaging – try it!

2. BlaBla Meter

Ever get the feeling you're just droning on trying to fill space on the page and not really getting anywhere?

The BlaBla Meter rates just how much unnecessary filler and waffle is in your text.

All you have to do is trim your text down until it passes the grade, then voila – you'll have clutter-free prose!

3. Grammarly

You probably type up your cover letter in Word, right?

Well that's good, but Microsoft Word (depending on which edition you have), is far from perfect at picking up spelling and grammar errors. 

Copy and paste it into the Grammarly App and it'll highlight the real errors and inconsistencies you otherwise wouldn't have noticed! 

4. ZenPen

Okay, so that's the content, grammar and spelling taken care of – now it's time you find a distraction-free space to write!

ZenPen is a nice, crisp white space to type into – no ads, no menu, no other tabs, you can even go to full screen or switch to white text on a black page if you like. 

The best part? What you type always saves on the page, even if you navigate away from it. It'll be there waiting for you when you come back to it! 

5. Rainy Mood

Speaking of removing distractions...

Rainy Mood is the perfect soundtrack to any writing process. It does, well, exactly what it says on the tin – all you get is a soothing, white noise effect of a rainstorm. 

Perfect for blocking out exterior noise, it also helps you resist the temptation to put on distracting music.

Now try some quick CV fixes!

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