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How putting the kettle on at work will make your life better

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Whether you like it or not Britain is a nation of tea drinkers.

The average Brit drinks a staggering 836 cups of tea a year, which apparently, is enough to fill two bath tubs . Neat.

Now everyone likes a nice cup of tea, so why does the office tea round often degenerate into picky office politics, Machiavellian allegiances and damn right bloody selfishness?

We don’t have the answer. But whether you’re a tea-duty-dodger or an Oolong obsessive, here’s a nifty 5 point action plan to help you earn the respect of your colleagues whilst making a brew.

1. Download the Tea Round app

Avoid thirst-based arguments with this handy app for iphone Tea Round. Through a democratic selection process (shake the phone), Tea Round resolves all brew-related arguments and decides who makes the tea! What could be simpler.

2. Invest in a tray

What says I’m a serious player more than a byo tray situation. And once you buy a tray you’ll never buy another. Do you know anyone who owns two trays? Exactly. Great ROI for all involved.

3. Repeat the order back

No one will expect it . People will think, is this guy FOR REAL? It will literally blow their minds. They’ll think you trained under Gordon Ramsey. Of course you didn’t, so note it down…somewhere.

4. Time of day

Choose your moment. Don’t waste your time with the post 4:30pm shift. No one cares. For maximum impact go for the after lunch lull. Show energy as you leap up from your chair and repeat these words exactly ‘Right…who’s up for a nice cup of tea’? It’s all about the delivery. Practice.

5. Work what you got

Let’s face it, no one’s office has porcelain cups. Unless you work in a porcelain cup factory. Then you will. But most of us have to make do with the tools the powers that be gave us or how far the kitty stretches. Whether it’s a high end, drawstring taste sensation or a value brand bag of dust, remember, you’re in control.

That’s put us right in the mood for a good cuppa.

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