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How to quit your job in 3 simple steps

Congratulations – you've got a new job!

But now the fun part's over – now you have to break the news to your boss.

Uncomfortable and tricky though it may be, this is something you need to do well. You need to make sure your reputation and your references stay intact!

Here's how to quit your job with grace and professionalism...

1. Prepare what you're going to say

It's vital you have an idea of what you're going to say to your manager, but don't go in with a completely pre-rehearsed speech – you never know exactly how it's going to go.

Just make sure you cover these points:

Explain that you've received and accepted an offer from another company, express your gratitude and offer to help with the handover process.

Don't over-explain and don't be too abrupt about it. Be succinct in your explanation and courteous in your delivery.

2. Tell the right people in the right order

Your line manager obviously needs to be the first to hear the news, and you need to tell them face-to-face.

From there, you should agree a communication strategy with them – figure out who will tell whom, in what order and when.

In between, you need to consider other stakeholders who might be impacted by your departure and would prefer to know sooner rather than later – are there meetings you're usually a part of? Do you have a hand in any other projects across the business? Just make sure people don't find out until your last day.

3. Save feedback for the right time and place

Your manager and your colleagues are obviously going to want to know why you're leaving.

It's probably best to save your detailed (and negative) feedback for the proper setting – i.e. the exit interview.

If random colleagues start prodding you to dish the dirt on what you really think about the company, don't say anything. Your mission here is to simply not burn bridges. You never know who you’ll encounter later on in your career, or who you might need to seek favours from in the future.

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