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How to end a job interview on the perfect note

You've probably read plenty of advice on how to nail the job interview.

But what about when it finishes - do you just relax, shake hands and say goodbye? After all, the hard part's over now, surely?

Actually, those last few minutes could be the real difference between landing the job and a rejection email.

Here's how to make closing a job interview an art form...

1. Remember those final questions

Always have some final questions prepared, either memorised or written down.

When the interviewer asks if you've got any questions, don't every say no - you'll just look disinterested and lazy.

Here's some advice on the perfect closing questions.

2. Perfect your closing statement

Memorise a short summary explaining how excited and enthusiastic you are for the role.

You've already explained how qualified you are, now you just need to reiterate how hungry you are - it could well give you the edge.

3. Set a timeframe

Make sure you get details on when they'll be letting you know when they've made a decision - whether it's a next round of interviewing or a final decision.

This will come in especially handy for point 5.

4. Let them know about your situation

Have you got other interviews coming up? Maybe you're awaiting an offer – make sure they're aware. Of what’s going on with your job hunt. There's no harm in mentioning, but just make sure it doesn't come across as manipulative.

4. Don't be too pushy

Once you've left the building, wait until the discussed feedback point. Don't pester them until then.

But if they haven't got back to you by the agreed time, pick up that phone! 

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