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How to prepare for a phone interview in 5 simple steps

Phone interviews are a common feature of the job application process.

It's a convenient tool for hiring managers, and on the surface, it seems like an easy hoop for candidates to jump through.

But if you're not careful, the phone interview can trip you up. Here's how to make sure you're prepared for one...

1. Dress for the occasion

The temptation may be to take the interview in your PJs – it'll help you relax and it saves time, right?

Not necessarily! Putting on your usual interview gear will put you in the right head space. Just because you're most likely taking the interview at home, it doesn't mean you can get too relaxed!

2. Listen

Don't forget to actually take in what the voice on the other end of the line is telling you.

We know you're trying to focus on how you're speaking and what you're saying, but this is still invaluable information you need to be taking in!

3. Remove distractions

Don't take the interview in front of a computer screen or a TV. Go somewhere peaceful where you can focus – preferably somewhere you usually work when you're at home.

And wherever you are, make sure you're sitting down with both feet touching the floor – it'll help you concentrate!

4. Pick your questions

Always have questions on-hand to ask at the end of the interview. An awkward pause over the phone sounds a much longer than in person!

5. Smile!

Just because they can't see your face, it doesn't mean your enthusiasm, or lack thereof, won't come across in your voice.

Try smiling. You'll sound genuinely enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity. 

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