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The 5 do's and 5 don'ts of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a vital tool for your career in the new world of work - but you have to make sure you use it right.

As many right ways there are to use it, there are plenty of wrong ways, too! 

Here are the five do's and 5 don'ts of the world's largest professional network...

Do: choose your groups carefully 

Make sure you only join groups you plan on really engaging with - they're pointless otherwise!

Don't: ask people you don't know to endorse you

It's disingenuous and will make you look desperate!

Do: turn off notifications for when you update your profile

It stops you spamming your feed and allows you to be more discreet.

Don't: treat LinkedIn as a chore

It's a legitimate way to boost your contacts and further your career, not a thankless, mandatory task.

Do: respond to messages promptly 

It's polite and professional!

Don't: constantly go on about your achievements 

The old saying goes: "slow down the sale to speed it up"

Do: write personalised requests and invitations

Why not show you take the time to add a personal touch?

Don't: be self-indulgent

It's not all about you, you know!

Do: keep the content you share professional

Sales memes get seriously tiring after a while.

Don't: treat it like numbers game

500+ contacts you've never once engaged with probably aren't going to help you find you a job anytime soon!

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