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The 5 do's and 5 don'ts of networking

Networking can be tough, but it's an invaluable skill for your career.

Just a third of job opportunities are advertised – the rest come about through putting yourself out there. 

But how do make sure you do it right? Here are 5 do's and 5 don'ts of networking. 

Do: Be comfortable with your value

Don't adopt an "I hope you like me" approach. Own what makes you great!

Don't: Be too direct

As the old saying goes: "slow down the sale to speed it up"

Do: Follow up

It's likely your new contact meets new people all the time. Make sure you stick in their minds!

Don't: Make it all about you

You'll learn so much by holding off on your elevator pitch and simply listening for a while.

Do: Be yourself

Disingenuousness is particularly obvious to experienced business people.

Don't: Expect a job

Networking under the presumption that you're going to be offered a job is naive. Don't ask for a job – work for it!

Do: Be discerning 

Don't pursue dead-ends purely for the sake of polite conversation!

Don't: Think it's just a number's game

You shouldn't judge your success on the number of new business cards in your wallet. 

Do: Be flexible

Don't come armed with the exact same elevator pitch each time – do your homework and read the room!

Don't: forget to say thank you

Thank them for their time – if they're someone worth networking with, their time will be valuable to them!

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