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The 7 career resolutions you should really be making

What's current resolution for this year? Spend more time at the gym? Fewer takeaways? Time away from your emails?

All great ideas – but what about some career-related ideas?

We've put together the 7 resolutions you should really be making this year – whether you're job seeking or not! 

1. Learn one new skill

This doesn't have to be a skill you use every day in your job. It could be anything productive that stretches you – from a musical instrument to web design! 

2. Read one book that'll inspire you

It sounds cliché, but it'd be silly to miss out on all the wisdom that's out there in book form. Whether your inspiration is Sir Alan Sugar or Sir Alex Ferguson, never forget just how much you can get out of a good book!

3. Try one new experience

Similar to point one, you shouldn't be afraid to put yourself in an unfamiliar position.

A good new experience to try is negotiating – it's invaluable in the world of work, but it's also something you can try out down your local market. Practice makes perfect!

4. Be more productive

Being more productive is easier said than done, granted. But a great way to ensure you stay on top of it to get a little help from your phone! 

Check out our list of productivity-boosting apps

5. Expand your network

We don't mean adding a few more people on LinkedIn (and if you do, you should actually be engaging with them). 

Try it the old-fashioned way, too. Get talking to friends of friends, extended family and even people in other departments at work - you never know who you might find!

6. Update your CV and cover letter

Even if you're not actively looking for a new role, it never hurts to step back and take stock of the skills and experiences you've picked up so far.

You never know when a new opportunity might come calling, so make sure you're always prepared!

7. Give yourself a career check-up!

More broadly, it's important now and again to take proper stock of your achievements and the path you're heading down - is it still where you want to be going?

Have a genuine think about where you want to be in five, ten and 15 years - does it look like your current plan will get you there? 

If not, you know what to do!

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