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How to answer the “Why should we hire you?” interview question

How to answer the “Why should we hire you?” interview question

It may come in a variety of different guises – ranging from “What can you bring to the job?” to “What makes you different from other candidates?” – but the now routine “Why should we hire you?” interview question has become a favourite for many hiring managers.

Interviewers ask this question to ascertain why you want this particular job, and why you want to work for this particular company.

But don’t be put off by its direct and personal-sounding approach - this question is simply another opportunity to highlight why you’re the right fit for the role.


Do your research.

When you’re prepping for an interview, carefully consider what type of person the employer is looking for. They’ve probably detailed the key requirements in the job description, but try to pinpoint the type of attitude and mindset they’re looking for too.

Then think about why you actually want the job – what was it about the position that prompted you to apply? Is the role a step up from your current position? Does the organisation specialise in something that interests you?

It’s worth preparing two to three examples of why the role aligns with your career objectives and ambitions, as well as your personal purpose. Remember, this doesn’t have to be an overly-emotional plea – it’s completely fine to stick to the facts.


Highlight why you’re the right fit.

When you do step into the interview room, and this questions crops up, it’s crucial that you highlight why you’re the right fit within the organisation.

The interviewer has already laid eyes on your CV, and they probably already have a good idea of the type of person they’re looking to hire – now it’s up to you to make to connection.

Highlight why you’re the ideal candidate for the position by directly connecting the demands of the job, the objectives of the company and the needs of the customer with your skillset, experience and personality.

And, where you can, try to highlight areas where you’ve excelled, such as any internal awards you’ve won, or any projects you’ve successfully led. Try your best to keep your answer short, concise and, most importantly, honest.


Keep the focus on you.

While this question might be phrased in a way that tempts you to discredit the competition – “Why should we hire you over another candidate?” being a prime example – it’s crucial that you keep the attention on you and your value as an employee.

The aim of this question isn’t to brag about your expertise, or to showcase your knowledge of the job or organisation, it’s aimed to evoke an honest and genuine motive behind why you want this job over the thousands of other jobs out there.

So, don’t focus on other people’s skills. This will only come across petty and small-minded. Instead, keep the focus on your own.

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