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What to do in the second 30 days of your new job


Your first month is behind you, and now you’ll be starting to implement plans and meeting expectations. 
You’ve taken the time to assess the company, and you’re bringing your own insights, strengths and views to the fore.

This could be refining your team’s development plans, or a complete overhaul of the existing strategy.
You’ll have already started to think about your team’s individual goals and standards. But now you need to take the lead and discuss how they’re going to deliver on them.  

So, how do you move forward into the second stage of your 90-day plan?

Your team

• Prioritise the tasks and projects for you and your team. 
• Be mindful of your Manager’s expectations and ensure you and your team are meeting them. 
• Identify any skills gaps in your team, and decide if you need to take immediate action. If you require interim support to relieve the pressure, don't forget to ask. 
• You should have started to build a solid understanding of your team’s individual motivations. Reflect on how better you can use this knowledge.
• Reflect on how your team are responding to you. Have you considered the de-railers which could be impacting upon your team?

Your processes

• Review the first 30 days to see if you’ve met your initial goals. Check back to your plan and see how you have progressed. 
• Evaluate how well you have built your personal brand within the company. Staying late to support your team, drawing on your wealth of experience in the field and integrating on a social level – have these extra efforts paid off?

Your boss

• Review your first month in the role with the initial goals you were set in mind.
• Discuss your plans for proposed changes. Try not to present problems and issues without potential plans to mitigate or resolve them. 
• Update them of any hiring plans you may be starting to think about. 

The wider business

• You’ve now reflected on those initial observations about the way things work. Now you can contribute towards the conversation and offer your strategic thoughts and solutions.
• Formalise the organisation’s vision, values and behaviours to understand what ‘good’ looks like in their eyes. Mirror that behaviour.
• Proactively seek to expand your knowledge of the company’s systems, products and customers.
• Are you meeting the expectations of your stakeholders and developing a better understanding of them? 
You’ll soon be moving into the final stage of your first 90 days. You’ll start taking on more specialist projects and align your plans with that of the wider organisation.

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