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Festive Season Holiday FAQs

Am I entitled to holidays over the festive period?

You are eligible to receive statutory days over the holiday period including 25th December, 26th December, 1st January and 2nd January (applies to Scotland only). However, you should ensure that you have accrued sufficient holidays to be eligible for payment for these days.


When is the cut off date for taking holidays that I have accrued in 2017?

Sunday 7th January 2018

Please ensure that you submit your holidays taken using the “Holiday Pay” section of Hudson online portal no later than Tuesday 09th January 2018 at 10am.


What happens if my line manager or Client ask me to work over the holiday period? How will I be able to take my accrued holidays?

In the event that you are required to work over the festive holiday period (27th December to 2nd January) (2nd January applies to Scotland only) you should ask your line manager to email confirmation of the days you will be working to our Contractor Payments Team -

This should be done no later than Friday 15th December 2017. You will be granted an extended period of time to claim for the holidays that you have not been able to take over the festive period. The period you will be granted to take your holidays will be extended to Friday 26th January 2018. You should ensure that all holidays taken are submitted using the online portal no later than Tuesday 30th January 2018.


Can I carry my holiday entitlement over to 2018?

No. In line with the Working Time Regulations you cannot accrue your holidays year on year. All holidays you have accrued in 2017, should be taken no later than Sunday 7th January 2018, then logged on the online portal and submitted to our Contractor Payments Team on or before Tuesday 09th January 2018 (unless you have been granted an exception).


If I have been granted more holiday entitlement by the client and I am unable to take the additional days before the year end, will I lose them?

If you have been afforded an increase to your holiday entitlement, any leave over and above the statutory 28 days that you have been unable to take will be paid out automatically at the end of the holiday year. Please note that this applies to leave accrued over and above the statutory 28 days entitlement only.


What happens if I have been asked by my line manager to work over the festive holiday period and I am also unable to take my holiday during the “extended period”?

In line with the Working Time Regulations, holiday entitlement will not be carried over to the following holiday year. To avoid losing your 2017 holiday entitlement, please work with your line manager to agree a convenient time for you to take your holiday before the end of the year. Please remember that if your line manager has submitted an email request for you to work over the festive period, the cut off date for taking your holidays will be Friday 26th January 2018.


I took unpaid holidays earlier in the year, but have now accrued enough funds, can I receive payment?

If you took holidays in excess of your accrued amount in 2017, you can apply to receive payment from your current accrual balance, provided that you have sufficient funds.

Please ensure that you request the days you would like to claim via the “Holiday Pay” section of the online portal no later than week ending 7th January 2017 or contact Contractor Payments and we will submit for you.


What happens if my assignment ends before 31st December 2017? Will I receive my outstanding holiday balance?

If your assignment comes to an end on or before 31st December 2017, you will automatically receive any outstanding holiday pay with your final payment and P45 from our Contractor Payments Team.


How do I log holiday requests for payment?

You should ensure that all holiday requests are logged using the “Holiday Pay” section of the Hudson online portal. In order to receive payment for holidays taken, you must ensure that you log the applicable days/hours you are claiming on the online portal – please take care to review your holiday balance (available online) to ensure you have accrued sufficient holidays.

All holiday requests should be submitted in line with the applicable timesheet and payroll deadlines.


I submit timesheets through the client’s own unique system, how should I confirm my holidays?

If you submit timesheets via a client’s system as opposed to the Hudson online portal you should email confirmation of your holiday days to the Contractor Payments Team on to ensure that your holiday pay is administered promptly.


What are the timesheet and payroll deadlines over the holiday period?

Details of these deadlines can be found at monthly payroll deadlines or weekly payroll deadlines, together with information on the office hours of the Contractor Payments Team over the holiday period.


How do I find out how much holiday I have accrued?

You can view your current holiday balance any time by logging onto the “Holiday Pay” section of the Hudson online portal; the information is also available on your payslip.

Should you have any queries regarding your accrual or want to know how to request holidays using the online portal, please contact the Contractor Payments Team on Freephone 0800 093 0717 (for UK), or via

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