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As competition in the jobs market starts to heat up – what gives you the edge?

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Trying to land that dream job is no easy feat. We’ve all been there. All that interview prep, weighing up your credentials against prospective candidates to then finally learn your fate.

It’s all par for the course during any job seeking process, but is beating off that competition about to get a whole lot harder?

Results from our latest research, Talent Trends, would suggest yes. We surveyed over 1,000 UK professionals asking if they were prepared to move jobs in 2015 and our findings revealed that almost half (47 %) said they were either actively looking or open to approaches. On one hand, a positive indication in terms of the growing market confidence, but on the other, a significant number of candidates you now have to compete with for your next big role.

So when the odds are stacked against you, how do you make sure it’s your phone that rings with that all important job offer? Here’s our 5 point hotlist to help you stay ahead of the game - from getting noticed (for all the right reasons) to getting that job.

Getting noticed

Make your CV stand out

It might sound obvious, but writing a good CV can mean the difference between bagging yourself that interview and being extradited to the ‘no’ pile.

As you’ve no doubt seen, there’s so much out there in terms of what makes the perfect CV. If there’s one thing to remember, before you do anything else, it’s to make sure you understand the job description. It’s something candidates regularly fail to do. Simply recognising what the employer is looking for and tailoring your CV accordingly, really is the first step to success.

And don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile – many interviewers will check out LinkedIn and any inconsistencies will not go unnoticed.

You’ll find more tips and techniques on writing a winning CV here.

Networking know-how

People do business with those they know and like. This is where networking can work in your favour. Building up your connections, whether online or by attending key events, can really help you get your foot in the door.

LinkedIn has become a networker’s dream and the more savvy candidates amongst us can really use this to their advantage. Connecting with those influential people, joining the right LinkedIn groups and making valuable contributions will make a positive impression. Remember, the best jobs aren’t always advertised. Investing your time and energy in networking means not only do you find out about great opportunities but great opportunities find you.

For more information on the art of networking, click here.

Read more about how to use LinkedIn to boost your job search here.

Ready for recruitment consultancies?

If you’ve never signed up with a recruitment company before, now is the time to start. Recruiters are always looking out for experienced candidates to meet demand from their employer clients. Good recruiters will make sure you’re presented with a range of relevant opportunities and guide you through the every step of the process. Think less stress and finding the right role a whole lot quicker – all at no cost to you.

To find out how Hudson can assist you in your job search, click here.

Now to get that job…

How to nail (not fail) the interview

You’ve been asked to come in for an interview. Hurrah! Now comes your time to shine. While it seems competition in the market has grown exponentially, that’s not to say you can’t reign victorious.

It’s likely that those you’ll come up against will have very similar experience and skills, so what gives you that advantage? From our experience, it’s how well you prepare. And that doesn’t mean having a quick flick through their company website.

Keep front of mind that the interviewer is hiring because they’re looking to solve a resource problem. Think about how your expertise will solve that problem and demonstrate that in the interview by providing real examples. Showing how you can add exceptional value is the key to making them think not only do they want you, but they need you on their team.

Explore the bigger picture, learn about what’s happening in the industry, who their direct competition is and how it might affect them as a business. Show you understand their challenges and exemplify how your experience and attributes are relevant to helping them overcome these issues. This is what will set you apart from the rest.

You’ll find lots more helpful hints and interview advice here -

Get reference ready

So you’ve sailed through the interview with flying colours – what’s next? If successful, your prospective employer will be looking for a reference. You may have already highlighted references on your CV or could have opted to provide these on request, but if there’s one thing you should always do it’s to make sure you have the referee’s permission prior to passing on their details.

Getting their go ahead, means your referee is fully aware of the situation and won’t be caught by surprise with an unexpected phone call, which could work against you. Secondly, make sure your referee knows about the role you’ve applied for. This way they can tailor their reference, honing in on your relevant skills and strengths in line with what your employer is looking for, further qualifying why you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

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