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Language barrier proves greatest challenge to IT recruitment

30th September 2014

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Business critical roles proving difficult to fill as IT and HR departments fail to speak the same language

A language barrier between IT and HR departments could lead to poor hires when recruiting IT professionals into business critical roles, according to talent solutions company, Hudson.

Work undertaken by the company has shown there is a disconnect between IT roles HR teams seek to fulfil within their organisations and what the existing IT team requires, often leading to the IT team having to take the lead in the recruitment process. Gary Fay, Regional IT Director at Hudson believes it starts with a poorly structured job specification for the role. He said:

“IT is becoming increasingly specialised and while technical capability remains important, IT teams are now looking for candidates who have wider skills to offer. Specialist roles often see the introduction of a professional language that is generally only really understood by individuals working within those roles and as it transfers from departments outside of IT these points can get lost in translation.”

“This can lead to poorly structured job specifications that are either ineffective in communicating the job role or seek the wrong skills. This lack of connectivity at best lengthens the recruitment process and a worst leads to an ineffective hire, all of which costs the business money.”

To help organisations improve the quality of their IT recruitment, Hudson has developed a new approach that bridges the gap between HR and IT, leading to a quicker recruitment process with only strong candidates being put forward for interview and a greater quality of hire rate.

Hudson’s 3D approach assesses a candidate’s professional skills (most basically described as the ability to the job), technical knowledge and cultural fit. It uses the Skills Framework for Information Age (SFIA) logical two-dimensional skills framework defined by the area of work on one axis and the level of responsibility on the other – an approach that has gained industry wide recognition. When added to the Hudson assessment, this creates a three dimensional review of each candidate.

This approach was taken in a recent instruction for AutoRestore. The body repair group was looking to appoint a Head of Information Technology - a strategically important IT appointment to the firm as they were seeking an individual who could play a leading role in bringing about organisational and technological change as part of their growth strategy. The successful candidate would hold ultimate accountability for the overall delivery of IT service and play a central role in Information and Data Governance.

The Hudson team applied the 3D solution to the candidate search and worked with the recruitment lead to map and understand the professional skills required. They used this to create a job description tailored to the role and mapped through the 3D software, they were able to validate the specific skills and level of experience needed to fulfil the role.

During the candidate screening process, the Hudson team was able to measure all applicants against this framework. The team filtered 109 applications down to nine candidates. From this shortlist, five candidates were invited for interview, with three scoring as potential hires. The whole process took just six weeks.

Patrick Dignan, Customer Experience Director from AutoRestore®, said: “The 3D process enabled us to laser in upon exactly the right kind of candidates. We were looking for an emotionally intelligent technical expert, the insight that we were provided with was spot on and as a result we were able to weigh up the candidates across a range of technical and behavioural competencies. We then chose a candidate that we were confident could fulfil the technical brief but more importantly could create a climate that others would be motivated to work and innovate within.”

To find out more information about Hudson 3D visit 3D IT Skills Assessment page.

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