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Employers are engaging with millennials in the wrong ways according to new UK research

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Hudson UK Talent Trends

UK employers are at risk of losing stellar millennial candidates to younger, more dynamic competitors, according to the latest Talent Trends research from talent solutions business Hudson.

The quarterly job seekers survey, which assesses ongoing changes to the make-up and nature of the UK workforce, reveals UK businesses risk recruitment mistakes by incorrectly assessing Millennial and Gen Y talent. According to the research, HR teams up and down the country are still persevering with more traditional, analogue styles of recruitment that jar with the next generation of younger professionals.

While more than half of 16-24 years have some form of digital CV – including online portfolios, videos or LinkedIn profiles – 70% of Millennials said they had been forced to use a traditional CV during their last job application.

Younger digital native audiences are used to updating their personal and professional information online on a regular basis – 43% of Millennials had updated their CV in the last month, far higher than other age groups.

These audiences have also grown up in a world of always-on communications and real-time decision making, irrespective of location. However, just one third (36%) of Millennial respondents claimed to have been interviewed via Skype, compared to 16% of the workforce as a whole, despite considerable enthusiasm for the format – 60% of Millennials agreed video interviewing was more convenient for them.

According to Hudson, traditional CVs, personal statements and lengthy interview processes are all tools that are mismatched to Millennials in particular. Furthermore, the ‘softer skills’ that this generation has in abundance can be overlooked entirely during the process due to the absence of psychometric and aptitude testing during the interview process. Only 1 in 10 job seekers currently feature softer skills on their CV, while just 28% of UK professionals were assessed and tested the last time they went through the recruitment process.

Tim Drake, UK Director, Hudson Talent Management said:

Some employers risk putting millennials and Gen Y off by sticking to traditional interview processes that are not tailored to their world. These organisations will find it harder to engage and attract talent and thus lose stellar talent to more dynamic competitors”

“The time is ripe for employers to rethink some of these core processes and embrace the digital age more fully to take advantage of exceptional millennial talent.”

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