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Hudson partners with Career Ready to get future generations inspired about talent solutions

Career Ready

Hudson’s Glasgow office have taken in two secondary school students over the summer holidays as a part of its commitment to Career Ready, a highly-valuable programme that equips young people with the skills, attributes and knowledge they need to succeed in the workforce.

Whilst their peers are kicking back over the summer holidays, Thomas (Hillhead Secondary) and Lisa (Hillpark Secondary) have gained some valuable insights into the exciting world of talent solutions.

During their short time at Hudson, these two pupils have successfully completed the workplace placement component of the Career Ready programme, boosting their employability and social skills, as well as improving their workplace confidence.

Over the course of four weeks, Thomas and Lisa spent time learning about all the different facets of the Hudson business, from recruitment and talent management through to RPO.

Hudson’s Executive Director, Scotland, Lesley Cameron, said:

“Career Ready offers excellent value to young people. What we love about the programme is that it isn’t aimed at high-achieving academics, or students with a clear idea of their career prospects; it’s targeted towards young people who need a little direction and opportunity to compete with their peers after graduating.”

“By partnering with Career Ready, the team at Hudson have had the opportunity to teach young people some valuable career skills, and hopefully get them excited about the compelling career opportunities available in the talent solutions industry.”

Career Ready are currently helping 4,300 students from more than 200 schools and colleges across the UK.

The programme has proven itself to be highly effective. In Scotland, 97% of Career Ready participants go on to a positive destination - 54% went on to university studies, 25% entered the workforce, apprenticeships or training, and 21% went into further education.

Hudson are thrilled to be involved with an innovative and impactful charity such as Career Ready and look forward to the excellent opportunities that lay ahead.

For more information on Career Ready, click here.

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