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Businesses need to recruit specialists to tackle rising complexity of cyber security

3rd February 2015

Cyber security

The rising complexity of cyber security and threats of security breaches will boost demand for specialist IT roles in 2015 as businesses attempt to shore up skills according to talent solutions company Hudson. 

As cloud, mobility, social, big data and analytics continue to shape the capabilities of technology and the dynamics of the industry, Hudson has identified a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities for businesses which will intensify the war on talent.

A lack of in-house skills, the need for relevant experience, and a ‘make do and mend’ mentality are three challenges identified by Hudson that employers will face over the coming months.
Gary Fay, regional director at Hudson’s IT recruitment division, said: “The sector continues to play catch up with a skills gap. This means competition will remain fierce and salaries will rise as organisations fight to attract the best cyber security professionals from what has been a depleting pool of talent. Hudson’s own salary survey has seen a trend of annual pay increases range from five to ten per cent in the last three years. These challenges are likely to have a knock on effect in sub-sectors like the outsourcing market as employers continue to fill the skills gap with services provided by specialist contractors.
He also points out that companies seem to be favouring those with experience. Gary Fay said: “We have seen a positive impact in the Government’s investment in skills and capabilities within the sector with an increased level of education within the cyber workforce. Organisations such as E-skills and CREST are doing great things to help the professional development of the security specialist. However, companies do not seem to be making the most of this talent, opting for experienced hires more often than not.

The third challenge, a ‘make do and mend’ strategy, is a risky one according to Gary Fay, which can leave a business and its entire supply chain paying increased costs through the use of contractors. “Investing in your current staff and developing the skills in-house produces significant returns on investment and employee retention rates,” added Gary Fay.

Over the next 12 months Hudson predicts employers will increase their demand for specialist skills including cyber security skills.  Gary Fay said: “Sectors such as utilities, defence, financial services, retail, manufacturing and the public sector will continue to focus on the recruitment of cyber security specialists to meet the demands made on their businesses.

“The increased need for ‘best of breed’ managed service agreements with security as a service will continue to drive the war on talent in 2015. There is an increased interest in SIEM as an outsourced service as clients understand the difficulty of doing this in-house,” he added.

These challenges and opportunities for businesses will drive recruitment across the experience spectrum. The investment in university courses and apprenticeships will go some way as a backfill to the skills gap creating opportunities for Generation Y (those born 1988-1994).

Gary Fay advises Generation Y candidates who have recently gained qualifications to obtain as much practical experience. “This will impress future employers and ensure time is invested in continuous professional development activities,” he said.
He concludes job prospects among certain candidates will be buoyant. “Candidates with degrees such as engineering and maths have progressed well in the IT sector over the last decade, and those with the technical security skills and 10-20+ years’ niche experience will be in demand in 2015.

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