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Employer brand strategy

Investing in a strong employer brand helps attract top talent

Organisations need to invest in building their employer brand in order to compete for and retain top talent according to Hudson’s report: “How to Launch a Successful Employer Brand: Building on the Practices of Top Employer Brands”.

The report is based on a survey of 324 key executives at major companies including Disney and Microsoft and was conducted in conjunction with HRO Today magazine.

According to the report, top employer brands:

  • Invest significantly more in building and maintaining their reputations for being great places to work.
  • Have greater senior level buy-in for the programme compared to other brands.
  • Are more likely to have an up-to-date, documented employer value proposition
  • Actively engage their existing employees as ambassadors and promoters of their employer brand
  • Use multiple channels to promote the brand, including social media
  • Measure the return on their investment.

What separates top employer brands from the rest?

Download and share the employer brand infographic that compares the differences between top employer brands and other employer brands.

Employer branding - infographic by Hudson    
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