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A new era of sourcing

The financial crisis of 2008 coupled with rapidly advancing technology significantly altered the way organisations sourced talent.

Companies now compete for talent in the following ways:

  • Branding has become key to how a company portrays itself in the market place.
  • Employer Value Proposition has become a key differentiator and is used in many talent attraction campaigns.
  • Agency use is limited and has become more niche.

The rise of internet job boards and professional social networking sites provided in-house recruiters with previously unavailable routes to market.

They also underwent structural changes, from “Agency/ Vendor and Process Managers” to a hybrid delivery team. These now feature dedicated in-house sourcers (or Direct Recruiters) who try to fill vacancies without using expensive suppliers.

In turn, the rise of social media created an entirely new way of sourcing candidates.

Technologically adept generations entering the workforce are more likely to research an organisation before committing. They’re more likely to use social media to look for work. Above all, they have fundamentally different ideas about their work-life balance.

Most traditional in-house recruitment models, whether they’re in-house or RPO-led, will use a hybrid-model recruitment strategy.

The model will combine process management with both direct sourcing and attraction techniques. Some will also include off-site sourcing support centres. These trail LinkedIn for profiles and reactively engage with potential candidates.

Organisations are also increasingly using Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as a way of attracting talent to the brand, and talent pooling silver medalists for future reference.

But is this enough? Is this traditional set-up suited to engage with a rapidly changing workforce? And more importantly, is your organisation using the right kind of Sourcers to drive your direct recruitment in these rapidly changing times?


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