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Should sourcing still be seen as an entry level job?

Most organisations underpin their recruitment solution models with some form of sourcing support. But typically, these sourcers are entry level individuals keen to move to into recruitment. For them, it’s a first step on the ladder.

An expert sourcer is increasingly web-savvy. They understand more than just LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Should that be the case?

Or should sourcing now be seen as a new career? A different path that uses unique skills underpinned by technological knowledge? And will this new kind of Sourcer have an impact on the golden rule of “quality vs cost vs time”?

A new era of sourcing - The Career sourcer

Reactive sourcing is fast becoming a thing of the past. Candidates have a choice, and the way to ensure they choose you over your competitor is by engaging with the candidate over time.

Crucially, you need to start from a point where the candidate didn’t even know they wanted to work for you.

An expert Sourcer is increasingly web-savvy. They understand more than just LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. They use a number of extra tools to mine for candidates. They use software like Crystal and Prophet to build up a picture of someone’s online personality and engage with them. Tools like Email Hunter and Mail Tester help them find contact details, and GitHub or Stack Overflow help them engage with targeted IT communities.

These sourcers are constantly up-to-date with the latest software tools to help engage prospective talent.

But they also need to understand the client’s culture and sourcing objectives. And they need to talk knowledgeably with the client’s marketing and branding departments to create the right message


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