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Steps for building a successful talent pool

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Get your team onboard

Ensure you have full buy-in from management. This is a long-term project that requires time, consistency and commitment. It will not deliver instant results, but the investment that it requires will be justified and validated over time through reporting and hiring managers experiencing better quality candidate shortlists and quicker turnaround times from your recruitment team.

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Map your needs

Consult with department managers and hiring managers about what roles are key and what will be needed over the next one or two years. Look at previous patterns of recruitment and agree on which roles would benefit from talent pools.

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Develop your sourcing strategy

List the channels you will use to source candidates, what messages you will convey and how you will position the roles. For rare skill sets you will need to be proactive in finding where those populations live, what media they consume (and therefore how and where to target them), and where they exchange ideas. If you have current employees who move in those circles, ask them.

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Get the technology

Ensure you have a good Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) system. The ATS will house the talent pool and give you data that will help you refine your approach – such as how many candidates are in the talent pool, how quickly it is growing, how many candidates have been shortlisted and how many candidates from the talent pool were ultimately placed.

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Separate sourcing from recruiting

In our RPO solutions we recommend having a candidate-facing sourcing specialist who is out every day talking to candidates and building and maintaining the talent pool, and a client-facing recruiter who interviews and hires under the direction of the hiring manager.

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Source potential candidates

Build a list of potential candidates. Seek out active candidates among online job applicants or those who have narrowly missed out on previously advertised positions. Draw on your networks, social media and referrals for passive candidates who may not have considered working for your company.

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Make the approach

Ensure you are able to articulate your value proposition as an employer and then make the approach. Tailor your message and make it personal. Once you establish contact, articulate the value proposition and convince them to continue engaging with you. Assure them your privacy is protected.

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Keep them engaged

Treat your talent pool like a paying audience whose reviews could make or break the success of your show. Engage them with a clever CRM strategy and warm them to your brand over time. Word of your offering will spread beyond these people alone.


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