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Talent Trends – 2017

AI to reshape the UK’s existing job market

Forthcoming advancements and adaptations of artificial intelligence (AI) will result in a redesign of existing roles and create an entirely new arm of AI-related roles in the near future. That’s according to our latest Talent Trends research that surveyed over 1,000 working professionals across the UK, highlighting some of the opportunities and threats AI poses to Britain’s workforce.

The majority (62%) of UK professionals believe AI will usher in a new era of job opportunities - this belief is even more widespread amongst younger professionals, with almost three-quarters (74%) of 16-34 year-olds believing this to be the case.

most uk professionals believe AI will result in new jobs

Cause for concern

More than three quarters (79%) of respondents said they are concerned about the impact AI will have on the UK jobs market - with more than a quarter of that number stating they are very or extremely concerned.

almost 4 out of 5 UK professionals are connected about AIs future impact on the UK jobs market

Your job may change

Almost half (48%) of our respondents said AI will change the nature and function of existing jobs, and a further 40% said it would reduce the number of present jobs on the market.

More than half (59%) of workers also said they felt their current job was susceptible to automation.

AI will change the nature and function of existing jobs

Younger workers feel the most vulnerable

Our survey unveiled 85% of 18-34 year-olds are concerned about the impact AI will have on the jobs market – with 76% believing their positions are vulnerable to automation.

younger workers feel the most vulnerable to automation

A short-term sense of safety

Despite these imminent threats, the majority of British workers believe their current jobs are safe for the immediate future. Asked whether their current job would exist in its present form in three to five years, 61% said it was very or extremely likely to do so.

the majority of UK workers believe their jobs are safe for the immediate future

Finance, marketing and IT workers are the most anxious

The vast majority of professionals in the finance, marketing and IT sectors expressed concern regarding AI’s impact on the jobs market, at 85%, 83% and 83% respectively.

Individuals in the finance and IT industries felt their jobs were particularly vulnerable to automation, with 82% of IT workers and 79% of finance workers admitting that they felt at risk.

finance marketing and IT workers are the most concerned

Make forward planning an immediate priority

Going forward, leaders will need to consider how advances in AI technology will impact their organisation and what type of talent they need to attract and retain in order to succeed.

Workers, on the other hand, will need to demonstrate a willingness to embrace change by learning how to utilise new AI-related technologies and platforms that will undoubtedly appear in the near future.

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