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Talent Trends - Q2 2016

Employers are engaging millennials in the wrong ways

As unemployment continues to fall, the job market remains highly competitive amongst employers trying to recruit the right talent for their businesses.

Fewer people in the UK are seeking a change of role, with just one third (34%) of employees are proactively looking or open to approaches, including 33% of 16-24 year olds and 41% of 25-34 year olds.

Talent Trends

Fewer people in the UK are looking to change roles

Open to approaches and actively looking

pie chart: 34 percent are open to approaches and actively looking

Open to approaches

pie chart: 23 percent are open to approaches

Are actively looking

pie chart: 11 percent are actively looking

Talent is changing

These younger audiences have grown up in the digital world. They're used to updating their personal and professional information online on a regular basis, comfortable conveying themselves via live or pre-recorded video, fluent in short-form written content such as blogs, FB and Twitter posts and actively pursue online quizzes and testing for pleasure.

They've also grown up in a world of always-on communications and real-time decision making that isn't hampered by location, time zone etc.

Talent Trends

Nearly half of UK Millennials have updated their CV in the last month

couple of millenials with social media icons around

The risk of analogue recruitment

Yet while they've grown up in a digital world, many are finding themselves entering an analogue recruitment sector. These younger candidates are being assessed by employers using a series of tools that don't reflect any of the above behaviours or attributes.

Talent Trends

Digital CVs are beginning to rival traditional formats

paper CV LinkedIn CV

Softer skills are overlooked

Traditional CVs, personal statements, lengthy interview processes reliant on face-to-face questioning etc. are all tools that are mismatched to millennials in particular, while the "softer skills" that this generation has in abundance can be overlooked entirely during the process as these tools are not good for bringing them to the surface.

Talent Trends

Only 1 in 10 UK job seekers feature softer skills on their CV

Open to change




woman with curly hair

Abstract thinking



Problem solving


Risk of unconscious bias

What's more, employers are failing to introduce testing and assessment as part of the recruitment process with just over a quarter of those surveyed confirming they'd taken some form on line assessment. CVs can only tell you so much about how a potential candidates, but can it tell you how their approach to achieving a goal, their reaction to criticism, success or failure and how they respond to other's achievements.?

Talent Trends

Just over a quarter of UK professionals assessed as part of the recruitment process

one quarter illustration

The risk to employers

  1. An interview process that is not well-suited to millennials and Gen Y means these candidates are going to find it far harder to secure employment, irrespective of whether they may in fact be the perfect candidates for the roles in question
  2. Failure to assess new candidates using the most appropriate and relevant recruitment techniques increases the risk of the employer making the wrong hire
  3. Furthermore, employers could very easily put millennials off by sticking to interview formats that they see as outdated and irrelevant to them, and thus lose stellar candidates to younger, more dynamic competitors.

Talent Trends

Just 1 in 10 Millennials provided a digital CV at their last interview

woman portrait illustration man silhouette woman silhouette man silhouette woman silhouette man silhouette

Employers must act now

The time is ripe for employers to rethink some of these core processes and embrace the digital age more fully.

Candidates were overwhelmingly positive about the benefits of Skype interviews, while a growing number would also be very willing to submit video content instead of traditional CVs.

Talent Trends

Less than a quarter of the UK workforce has been interviewed via Skype

interview via video call
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