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Digital marketing update: the call for new experiences and new customers

Digital marketing update: the call for new experiences and new customers

Marketing departments of the past might have been nicknamed the ‘colouring-in team’ on the sly, but in today’s technology and data-driven world, digital marketers mean serious business.

To find out how the jobs market in the digital marketing space is changing, we caught up with our recently-appointed Principal Consultant, Dan Gunner – who just so happens to be an expert in digital and e-commerce recruitment.

With an impressive background recruiting for a range of high-profile organisations, both here in the UK and in Dubai, Dan put his knowledge of the market to good use by sharing some interesting trends with us:

Marketers are hungry for new experiences.

Looking at the big picture, the overall jobs market in the digital marketing sector is strong – there are new job titles coming out every day, and there’s a strong interest in building innovative and dynamic teams. But there’s also a strong increase in the number of short-term contract roles on offer.

This is particularly true on the design front. While this largely comes down to the nature of the roles – many are project-related positions that only last a few months – a growing number of designers are keen to move from job to job to build up a diverse portfolio of work.

Junior marketers are also particularly restless - there’s a tendency for these young professionals to jump ship after being in a role for about a year. These workers are also becoming increasingly interested in fixed-term contracts as a way of building up their skills and experience.

These junior-level marketers and designers are hungry for new experiences – organisations wanting to attain and retain talent will need to be prompt to offer development opportunities alongside competitive salaries and benefits packages.

But on the senior marketing jobs front, there’s almost complete radio-silence at present. Very few organisations have senior marketing vacancies available - but this will likely change over the next few weeks, as people may have been staying put to cash in end-of-financial-year bonuses or to fully enjoy the Easter break.

There’s a heavy focus on customer retention.

In today’s volatile and ever-changing business landscape, organisations are under immense pressure to be adaptable and agile. As a result, many marketing departments are choosing to focus their efforts on customer retention – with a chief aim of attracting the right type of customers, and keeping them.

People with backgrounds in PPC, SEO and acquisition are all extremely high in demand right now, particularly in the startups market, where customer retention is critical for their initial success. Most of this attention is on mid-level professionals, with an average salary of about £35-40k.

Due to this high demand, finding people that specialise in PPC and SEO can be a challenge in today’s market, but it’s particularly difficult to find someone who specialises solely in acquisition.

A little flexibility goes a long way.

To attract fresh marketing talent, organisations should consider offering employees flexible working or remote working options. In the creative space, people are eager to get away from the pre-structured 9-5 office hours, and look far more favourably upon a relaxed approach to office hours.

And when it comes to salaries, a large number of jobs based on the outskirts of London are trying to attract talent from inside the city, but are offering significantly less than London-based jobs. While this might be an effective strategy to gain graduate or junior-level employees with little to no experience, the majority of Londoners living inside the city will only accept London salaries.

Alongside attractive salaries, the number of job applicants being persuaded to take a role with additional benefits, such as bonuses and pension schemes, is on the rise.



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