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10 steps to improve the quality of new hires

Emerging Leaders Report

Successful organisations understand the importance of securing the right talent.  Poor quality hiring decisions can be both costly and disruptive to your business.  As the economy improves and organisations look to compete for talent, it’s essential that you take steps to ensure you make the right hiring decisions.

At Hudson we’ve identified ten ingredients to improve the quality of hire:

1. Be really clear about the job and the person:

  • What the role involves (function, objectives, reporting lines, key tasks)
  • How performance is measured, including what success looks like in 6, 12, 24 months or longer
  • Write a person profile that defines the skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes needed for success in the job and fitting with the culture.

2.    Have a well-articulated value proposition that you can market to quality candidates, helping you sell to the highest calibre candidates.

3.    For particularly senior or critical appointments, get buy-in on the job and person profile form all key stakeholders. This helps align the views of interviewers and ensure the new employee can achieve success.

4.    View the recruitment process as a sales process.  You’re competing for great talent so its important to communicate what sets your opportunity apart and why candidates would want to select your role above others.

5.    Create a sense or urgency in the recruitment process and maintain good communication from start to finish.  This helps give the candidate the confidence that the organisation is both disciplined and serious about the appointment.

6.    Be open and provide details about the role to candidates.  Potential employees need enough information to have a very clear idea of what this job would be like and to imagine themselves doing it.

7.    Be objective.  Try to avoid recruiting in your own likeness and ensure that assessment methods are objective rather than subjective.

8.    Ensure you understand your candidates’ hot buttons.  What will influence them to accept your offer?  Is it purely money? Work-life balance? Development opportunities?

9.    Understand what other roles they are exploring and how they rate these opportunities relative to yours.

10.    Lastly, understand that candidates often make critical decisions about their fit within the organisation and role within the first three months.  Make sure your onboarding and induction process is first class.

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