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Generation X is becoming the Lost Generation

Generation X (born between 1965 and 1979) run the risk of being forgotten in the workplace because employers are too busy focusing on millennials.

Our Talent Trends research suggests Gen X workers are the most dissatisfied with their current situation because their concerns aren't being properly addressed.

Compared with Baby Boomers and the emerging generation of Millennials:

Gen X are unhappy in their current roles

Based on % who were unhappy in their role

They’re the least stretched at work

Based on % who answered they were not stretched in their role

They’re stuck in a rut; their job hasn’t changed

Based on % who answered their role doesn’t change at pace

Yet, they’re the most financially driven

Based on % who want to be rewarded well for what they do

They’re not optimistic about achieving a better work/life balance

Based on % who disagree that a better work life balance is achievable

Nearly half don’t understand the job opportunities open to them

Based on % who don’t understand the job opportunities open to them

They’re concerned about the UK economy

Based on % who agreed they were concerned or very concerned about the UK economy

Employers must act now

After the 2008 financial crash, Generation X was left with poor pension prospects, and they now have to help their children get their first mortgage, and they probably even have to look after their ageing parents. And despite their struggle, employers are still focusing their efforts on millennials.

Gen X is disgruntled, disheartened and disengaged – not to mention financially squeezed, and possibly the least productive.

Given they comprise nearly half of the workforce, they should be key drivers of productivity in the post-Brexit new world of work - especially when you consider their wealth of experience.

But the workforce is going to struggle in the future without a motivated and appreciated Gen X to guide them. If they continue to be ignored, they risk becoming the new lost generation.

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