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Top tips for digital interviews

Tips for digital interviews

Like it or not, digital interviews are an increasing reality. With more and more candidates now getting ready for their close ups, how can you ensure you navigate the digital interview landscape to secure that dream job in 2015?

A recent poll conducted by Hudson revealed that 20% of candidates took part in a video interview in 2014. With the increased employment of remote workers, global working and advancements in mobile technology, the online interview is becoming a more attractive option for employers allowing them to see more candidates at lower cost.  

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The online trend started with high tech companies, but many diverse employers are increasingly aware of the many benefits of web based video interviewing. Skype, Google hangouts  and specialist video conferencing facilities such as WebEx remain the preferred platforms of choice for many employers. But for candidates, understanding the process as well as how to manage the technology of the online interview is equally important. 

Here’s our 8 ways to ace that online interview  

1.    Prepare ahead of time 
As you won’t be meeting your prospective employer face to face, think about e-mailing them any documents in advance of the interview that they need to see. We recommend two days before, to show them you’re keen, prepared and ready to tackle the interview. 

2.    Take a trial run
Ask a friend to take a trial run with you and video conference through Skype. They will be able to provide you with feedback, not only on your verbal performance but on the camera angles, how close you should sit to the camera, lighting  and any other tips on adjusting your surroundings. 

3.    Dress to impress
Just because this is online, the rules do not change. Don’t only assume you can only be seen from the waist up so slippers are a no go!  Bold patterns and bright colours tend not to work well on screen so keep colors neutral and get your suit at the ready.

4.    Look into the camera
It’s an easy mistake to make, but looking directly into the camera rather than the screen maintains eye contact with your interviewer/ This exudes confidence and shows how at ease you are with the process and the camera. 

5.    Speak clearly

Ensure that your responses can be heard by the interviewer, speaking clearly and loudly into the microphone. It’s easy for background noise to be picking up by microphones so ensure all TVs and radios are switched firmly to the off button.

6.    Charge your battery

It’s a common mistake made by many candidates, but being prepared is vital. Many of our candidates have discussed instances where their laptop battery has died, lost Wi-Fi connections and in many instances, unable re-connect through to their interviewer. Do a quick technical check 30 minutes before you kick off and this will save you a headache later.  

7.    Room with a view

Most candidates believe that interesting backgrounds will add to their chances and make them appear a more interesting candidate. We’ve heard of people setting up their laptops in a library and prestigious country houses with elaborate plants and ornaments on show. Our advice is keep it simple. A blank wall will not distract your interviewer and will mean that all eyes are on you.

8.    Treat it like a real interview

Whether your interview is at home or a serviced office, take the same time and dedication to prepare for the interview as you would for a face to face.

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