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Do we really practice what we preach when it comes to gender equality?

Do we really practice what we preach when it comes to gender equality?

International Women's Day got me thinking about the issue of gender equality in the workplace - specifically our workplace at Hudson.

We've done a lot of research on the topic over the years ("Emerging Leaders in Europe", "Could the Right Man for the Job be a Woman?") and offered plenty of insights and blogs on the subject.

But I couldn't help but wonder – do we really practice what we preach when it comes to gender equality? 

As a talent solutions company, it's vital we lead by example on issues like these. So going public with the data on our own gender split seemed appropriate.

On the whole, we have a good balance between the genders:

This is a great starting place, but the data becomes even more interesting when you take it down to role levels:

The picture you end up with is a good one. Equal representation is close across the board, it's not the finished article but I think it’s fair to say we are bucking the trend.

So how do we get there? How do we achieve gender equality?

I can't speak for every organisation out there – all I know is that for Hudson, the key is that we use truly objective measures in our selection and assessment processes for recruitment and development.

Objective measures like our Pulse and PULSE MINDSET tools. These tools are gender-neutral - they allow you to take an objective, scientific and rigorous look at your people – whether you're attracting, retaining or developing them.

To achieve equality, we first need to use tools and methods that can establish equity – real equal opportunities, irrespective of gender. Mindset measures like these are the way we're going to continue our journey towards that goal.

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