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My Hudson Story - Siobhan Perry

My Hudson Story - Siobhan Perry

Siobhan joined Hudson's Marketing & Communications team in 2014. With more than a decade of experience in recruitment, she's looking forward to the next set of challenges the new world of work will bring to our industry...

Hudson: Where did you start out at Hudson?

Siobhan: I started as a Principal Consultant on the Marketing & Communications team three years ago now. I specialised in mid to senior level permanent roles – consumer, retail, leisure and tourism. And that was both online and offline positions.

H: How much has marketing and communications recruitment changed since you first started out?

S: The industry has changed considerably. I’ve seen job roles evolve from broad marketing positions to specialist skill sets like CRM, insights and digital marketing. On top of that, we've seen a blurring of functional boundaries between roles. For example, traditional marketing and technology functions are working much more closely together and, in some cases, we’re seeing data specialists and developers who might traditionally have worked in technology, working as an integral part of the marketing team. 

Digital marketing in particular has also gone on this journey at considerable speed over the last few years. It's actually moving faster than the marketplace can keep up, which is exciting but it also brings challenges for not only talent acquisition but also wider business structures and objectives.

H: So when did you move to the Technology, Marketing and Change practice?

S: The practice was officially launched in the Midlands in October 2016. That was when I moved across.

Now I partner with senior leadership professionals to create bespoke talent attraction, assessment and engagement solutions – CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, the whole C-suite! I’m also heavily involved in working with our strategic partners Digital Works Group (DWG) to deliver a strategic workshop for a major client going through significant digital transformation.

H: How tough was the move?

S: I’ve been recruiting in the digital space for quite some time, but to purely focus on this means you have to be prepared for more technical and analytical challenges. But it’s a challenge you relish. It’s rewarding to think beyond just recruitment and getting involved in wider talent issues, and to challenge decision makers to think differently. 

H: What are the real challenges you’ve found?

S: One of the issues we find is that although transformation touches upon everything in a business, it can be hard to get people to put it into the context of their organisation – what their own transformation journey will entail and what we can do to guide them. 

H: Are people still coming round to it?

S: Definitely. More and more people are excited by how we can offer a full integrated talent solutions service. The way we’ve done that is by showing we can offer more rounded advice and consultation, rather than just filling places. Increasingly senior people are getting involved in these broader conversations, which is a really promising sign. Although you also have to accept that it’s a slow burn process.

H: How do you keep up with all the changes to the marketplace?

S: I find getting out and talking to employers about their plans and issues helps immensely. I also spend a fair amount of time keeping up-to-date with the latest news insights and developments in the marketplace. 

H: And finally, where do you want the practice to be in a few years’ time?

S: I think we’re on a clear path to becoming the go-to talent solutions business that organisations know they can partner with on blended talent acquisition and retention solutions, particularly as they go through transformation. We’re continuing to make people aware of the full range of products and services we can offer – not just recruitment! 

Maybe most importantly though, I want us to have fully built that trust, where people know we can support them on a strategic level when they’re going through this significant change and disruption.

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Siobhan Perry
Practice Lead
Digital Marketing Talent Solutions, Hudson
Tel: +44 121 634 5186
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