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My Hudson Story - Luke O'Mahoney

My Hudson Story - Luke O'Mahoney

A self-described "millennial in the new world of work", Luke recently made the move from Supply Chain & Procurement recruitment to the RPO team at the beginning of this year. Altogether, he's got around five years of experience in recruitment. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on transformation and the new world of work he inhabits…

Hudson: So where did you start out?

Luke: I actually started out at a small recruitment business, looking after interim qualified social worker bookings. After that I moved across to Reed as a Business Manager, looking after their Health and Care practice in Leicester. I was only 23 at the time so it was certainly challenging! 

H: But soon the bright lights of London came calling?

L: Absolutely! I had my new suit, shiny shoes and my slick hair. I was ready for a new challenge.  Although when I got here I found an environment of change, learning, development, innovation, and of course, hard work. I think it was then that I realised I hadn't really been doing recruitment before. 

H: How so?

L: Well I was providing a product-based solution on a supply and demand model. It was a "fastest finger first" approach to submitting your best candidate – or rather your most available one. If you were successful you just moved onto the next shotgun assignment. I wouldn't really call that proper recruitment. I wasn’t adding any real value to the client or candidate. 

H: But after moving to Hudson, that all changed?

L: Definitely – it was sweet liberation! All of a sudden, I was in a position where I was encouraged to seek out new clients, work properly with existing ones and actually consult. And the same was true on the candidate side. Some of my greatest joys come from building relationships, seeing people succeed and supporting them through challenges. I was listening to hear and talking to say.

One of my favourite mantras is that "wise people speak because they have something to say, a fool speaks because they want to say something." If only a few more of the industry’s consultants took note of this notion!

H: You moved over to the RPO team at the beginning of the year. How has that transition been so far?

L: This again was a whole new world of work for me, and one that I'm relishing. It was essentially a move from one end to the other. Rather than focusing on placing one person at a time, RPO is all about developing talent acquisition solutions to meet a customer’s business objectives. Now I’m regularly having broader conversations with clients about their talent and business strategies. 

I also get to plan and attend thought leadership events like an HRD Summit. I was part of the Mindset Café hosted by Dr Tim Sparkes. It was a fantastic opportunity to share how choosing people based on things like their potential, their ability to adapt and their resilience would offer you someone who is really connected and open to new ideas and experiences. We got to open up a real dialogue with people and discuss why it is that mindset is so important to people’s broader talent strategies.

H: Looking ahead, what do you envision?

L: I hope to continue learning and growing. I also want to become more involved in the solution development and implementation as well as the sales aspect of outsourced solutions. But for now, I'm enjoying every day – particularly the freedom to drive thought leadership, write blogs and articles, and work flexibly. 

H: Do you think these are key components of adapting to the new world of work?

L: Absolutely. Hudson is focused on demonstrating real expertise and added value in its relationships with employers. It's all about thought leadership, knowledge sharing, and consultative discourse. All this enables you to build meaningful relationships and help organisations tackle their talent challenges.

But looking further ahead than that, who knows – first recruitment process outsourcing, and then the world! 

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Luke O'Mahoney
Business Development Executive
Hudson RPO, EMEA
Tel: +44 207 187 6206
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