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My Hudson Story - Rajan Mirpuri

My Hudson Story - Rajan Mirpuri

Rajan has been Business Director of Hudson Executive for nearly two years now, helping organisations attract, recruit and retain their senior business talent. He boasts more than a decade of experience in recruitment. We caught up with him to get his side of the Hudson story so far…

Hudson: How does Hudson Executive work?

Raj: We essentially recruit senior professionals into business critical roles across a broad range of industry sectors – business critical roles generally includes roles like C-Suite or functional heads.  

The process uses unique psychometric testing and personality profiling tools designed to help employers make an informed hiring decision. Once someone is appointed, we utilise the insight gained to support them and their hiring manager with a bespoke onboarding programme. 

H: How different is the process from attracting and hiring mid or junior-level hires?

It takes a fundamentally different approach. The more senior the mandate, the search and the criteria become more complex and nuanced. The brief can be extremely detailed with the client seeking a candidate with a highly specific type of experience or skillset. Consequently, there are going to be fewer people qualified to do the job. And it’s not just a matter of experience – with a more nuanced and complex role you also need to find the right mindset, approach and cultural alignment.

H: And what about the candidates? 

Given the more exacting mandates, typically the most suitable candidates will be gainfully employed and on a positive career trajectory in their existing organisations. As a result, I need to ensure I ascertain much more detailed knowledge about my client and an intricate understanding of their strategic and growth objectives. This information then needs to be appropriately positioned to prospective candidates. It’s not just a case of sending them a basic job description. 

Ultimately, we’re being asked to find the top one or two percentile of a candidate pool. That’s where our sophisticated sourcing methods come into play. We’ll use more than just LinkedIn and other social media channels to not only identify individuals but also build an extensive profile of them. We also have our sourcing centre of excellence, staffed with expert careersourcers who support the client with ready-made talent pools and candidate engagement techniques.

H: What kind of support does a senior person really need? Surely they're experienced enough to deal with it by themselves?

R: That's a common misconception about the process. People assume that because they're at a senior level that they don't need any support. 

The truth is they still need guidance on everything from adequately preparing for an interview, resigning and dealing with counter-offers to tying up loose ends and negotiating notice periods. At a business critical level, these are difficult issues to navigate. 

And even after that, the new employer needs to carefully consider their onboarding process, they need to keep in touch right up until the new person’s first day, and they need to put measures in place to ensure they hit the ground running from day one.

H: What sort of measures?

R: Of course it varies depending on the individual and organisation, but this could be anything from scheduling regular catch-ups in the early days or agreeing on a 90-day plan, to ensuring they’re properly introduced to all key stakeholders. It’s also a matter of ensuring your HR and admin processes are streamlined enough to make that introductory period run as smoothly as possible. Employers might not think it’s all that important, but it can be frustrating for a new senior appointment to feel as if their arrival hasn’t been given the proper amount of thought. 

H: Why is it so important to make the right senior hire?

R: Simply put, a senior hire can be critical to an organisation's future success. Not just in terms of individual performance and productivity, but also the knock-on effect it has on the morale and performance of the team around them. Making appointments at executive level comes with a lot of risk, regardless of the organisation. 

H: What kind of risks?

R: You always have to ask yourself what the potential cost of a bad hire can be in every situation. There are the initial costs of having to let the bad hire go and start the entire process again. But then there are other costs, too. How much have we lost because of poor performance? How many lost or damaged client relationships are we dealing with now? How much time has HR and management lost dealing with the situation? What has been the impact on team morale and productivity? These are just some of the things you always have to keep in the back of your mind. 

The way we deal with that risk is by using our Pulse psychometric tool to give employers greater objective insight into a person’s motivations, work style preferences, intellectual agility and their cultural fit for the organisation. And with all that data in mind, we then facilitate proper integration so that employers see a quicker return on their investment. Clearly there will always be a level of risk in appointing a new senior hire. But our robust approach reduces the risk and aids retention which ultimately will translate into the desired results.

The analogy I sometimes use is that it’s a bit like buying a good quality pair of shoes. The best ones usually come with initial pain and discomfort. But if you’re prepared to endure this, it’s sure to be a better long-term investment!

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