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I think we've just transformed!

I think we've just transformed!

Last November, I wrote a blog about how we were transforming as a business.

The reality is that this journey started almost 3 years ago. Being more of a pessimist than I should be, I decided, however, to only publicly declare it when I could see the full path of our journey.

Hudson is a business known to some for pure-play recruitment, RPO solutions and Talent Management services. Very few customers would see us as an integrated solutions provider. When I arrived from a traditional staffing company environment, it struck me that we had so many valuable assets and services under one umbrella that were neither integrated nor collaborative. 

It was also clear that the working world was changing at the most rapid pace ever witnessed. So I was left with a choice. Transform or die.

What we were facing was a commoditisation of a market that was best suited to the larger staffing firms and a changing world that was going to pose huge challenges for our customers. The new world of work (NWOW) as we have coined the phrase was made up of many people-orientated challenges and opportunities:

•    5 generations in the workplace – Baby Boomers to Millennials
•    Transformation – driven by technology, on-demand economy and customer needs
•    Leadership models and attributes in the new environment
•    Blurring of functional lines and utilisation of resources outside traditional models
•    Purpose-driven values and business goals that engage the workforce
•    The Gig Economy 

To name but a few! So how can we be relevant to our customers in this new world? 

Well, the good news is that we had some great stuff to start with – a market-leading RPO and resourcing offering that understood the challenges or resourcing talent in the new world, a seasoned recruitment business that had a loyal customer base and was achieving excellent NPS scores, and a world-class Talent Management business that could support all offerings and customers with assessment, selection, development, coaching, OD and leadership models. 

• Step 1. Integrate these offerings and services to provide customers with the greatest assurance, insight and support on their people journey.

• Step 2. Develop our assessment tools and services to be relevant in the new world of work – this culminated with our Hudson Pulse tools and in particular PULSE MINDSET™ which is the only scientifically based assessment framework to measure attitudes and approaches to transformation. Take a look at it. It is as relevant as assessment can be and gives rounded insight on any potential hire or current employee and organisational leadership structure.

• Step 3. Use our 20+ years of research and data to identify the main challenges customers will face in the NWOW.

• Step 4. Develop the offering and associated diagnostic tools, services and delivery to provide solutions rather than just rhetoric and overarching observations

• Step 5. Mobilise the workforce to embrace the new world and become more relevant to our customers as they face the challenges thrown up by the NWOW. Such a valuable exercise in eating your own dog food!

This week we go live with our first executive briefing on the people challenges and opportunities in the new world of work.  As customers engage, they will learn about our specialist Talent Solutions that are built specifically for this new world. Some customers are already experiencing this and we have been able to fully engage with them in a way that traditional commoditised recruitment processes preclude. 

I have also learnt to collaborate (never too old to learn new tricks)! We are grateful to our partners and the support they provide in executing solutions in areas where we are not experts – such as Data Science, Digital optimisation, returning-to-work female talent and training. 

So here we go. A traditional recruitment business transformed to a relevant Talent Solutions business for the new world of work. What a journey – and we’re only just getting started…

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