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How flexible working at Hudson improved my work-life balance

How flexible working at Hudson improved my work-life balance

I’ve been working for Hudson since 2011, and I thoroughly enjoy being part of a modern, forward-thinking business that recognises how flexible working can benefit both the employer and the employee. In fact, around a third of Hudson employees are flexible workers. 

When I first started, I took on the standard 9 to 5 working hours, and didn’t think much of it. After all, this was normal for most offices at the time.

However, as time went on I noticed a growing number of my candidates were interested in flexible working options. Then in 2014, a law came into place that meant all employees who have been with their current employer for more than 26 weeks had the right to request a flexible working routine – but this law in no way means the employer has to say yes. 

In regards to my own role, I didn’t think twice about flexible working until I had my son. At my previous organisation, as a single mum, I didn’t have the luxury of taking too much time off work, and after three months maternity leave, I was back at my desk.

Although I still enjoyed working in recruitment, I now had another person to think about as well as myself, and the 9 to 5 working hours didn’t fit in with the life I wanted for the two of us. 

I did some research and found flexible working often improves an employee’s work-life balance, encourages productivity, and results in more motivated and happier workers.

So when I spoke with my Director at Hudson, I explained my reasons for wanting flexible working hours, reassured him that my workload would remain the same and emphasised that my colleagues wouldn’t have to take on any of my work. And I was right.

After I took on flexible working hours, I felt much happier in my position. And it showed – I’ve had my highest billing and most enjoyable years in recruitment since working flexible hours.

Hudson firmly believe that the workplace is changing and are strong advocates for the new world of work. The company’s business psychologist, Dr Tim Sparkes, says future employees want to hear “ongoing two-way dialogue” from their employers, and that’s the experience I’ve had working here at Hudson

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