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What is HR doing for your business?

What is HR doing for your business?

The workplace (in fact, the world we live in!) is undergoing widespread change – with the introduction of, and disruption caused by, new technology, political change and economic uncertainty. We, as humans, have never needed to adapt and evolve at such a pace.

As organisations strive to differentiate themselves and gain competitive advantage in this uncertain world, two things have become abundantly clear: their success largely depends on their people, and the ability of those people to innovate and embrace change.

A company’s ‘People Strategy’ has never been so important to the overall success of a business. When it comes to appointing HR leaders, it’s essential for CEOs to get it right. To find someone with both the right characteristics and mindset makes a crucial difference to their effectiveness and will help lead the organisation through the exciting times that lie ahead. 

The characteristics needed by an effective HR leader today have changed too. In the new world of work they need to be:


In the past, HR leaders were frequently pigeonholed by their department’s function, but they should be focused on building the business and reaching its objectives just as much as any other leader. 

More than ever, organisations need an HR leader that is commercially-driven and strategic, with ideas that reach outside the four walls of their office building. For that, they need a thorough understanding of the business, from marketing and finance functions, through to operations.


When it comes to appointing HR leaders, there’s often a strong emphasis placed on their ability to handle rapid and unpredictable change. While this is important, you need far more from HR leaders now.

Rather than being able to deal with disruption, a true HR leader IS a major part of the disruption. The workplace is undergoing widespread change; HR leaders need to innovate and be ahead of the curve to move their organisation’s people strategy in the right direction and lead this change, rather than cater to it.


Managing the ever-changing and often-contrasting demands of the workforce is tough; predicting the skills your organisation will need in months and years to come is tougher than ever. Being able to continually evolve your talent strategy during difficult times or situations is what separates the true leaders from the pack.

Companies no longer need HR leaders that follow everything by the book. They need someone who isn’t afraid to tear the book up and write a new one! And for that, they need resilience.

Rather than focusing purely on skills and experience, appointing HR leaders with the right mindset is the key to success in today’s ever-changing business environment. A person’s mindset directly impacts how they respond to change, challenges and opportunities – crucial components of an effective HR leader.

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